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Title: Przyznanie_się_Teoretyczne_trudności_związane_z_przypisywaniem_sobie_działań
Other Titles: The_Acknowledgment._Theoretical_Difficulties_Concerning_Self-allocation_of_Acts
Authors: Giebułtowski, Jerzy
Piłat, Robert
Keywords: admission
speech acts
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza, Wydział Teologiczny
Citation: Filozofia chrześcijańska, 2012, tom 9, s. 51-70
Abstract: This paper deals with validity conditions of admission to an act. We shall look at admission first as a speech act that has a certain gravity as a legal act. We reconstruct Searle’s success conditions for admission and supplement them with particular legal conditions in legal acts of admission and pleas. We focus on the preparatory conditions of admission and we show difficulties involved in fulfilling these conditions.
ISSN: 1734-4530
Appears in Collections:Filozofia Chrześcijańska, 2012, tom 9

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