Studia Romanica Posnaniensia, 2013, vol. 40, nr 4

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Le roman de l'extrême contemporain en langue française (red. nauk. Jerzy Lis)


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    Le rêve communautaire de Marie-Claire Blais. Eschatologie et agapé dans le cycle de "Soifs"
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013-12-30) Kyloušek, Petr
    Marie-Claire Blais seeks to innovate, throughout her career, her “antimimétique” writing. Her extensive pentalogy - Soifs (1995), Dans la foudre et la lumière (2001), Augustino et le choeur de la destruction (2005), Naissance de Rebecca à l’ère des tourments (2008), Mai au bal des prédateurs (2010) – offers a complex existential questioning of the actual situation of the man. The problem of Evil and Good, which is in the heart of questions and answers, is treated with an original narration, transforming Virginia Woolf’s stream of consciousness. This innovation, however, is rooted in the tradition, namely its baroque poetics and its community orientation, both attached to the affirmation / negation of the catholic heritage that marked Quebec.
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    Aux prises avec la banalisation : la collection « L’instant érotique »
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013-12-30) Swoboda, Tomasz
    The paper discusses contemporary condition of French erotic or/and pornographic novel. As social and cultural circumstances seem to put an end to its transgressive potential, the authors of this kind of writing tried, at first, to keep abreast of other media. Nevertheless the “trash” or “grunge” novel as well as autofictional erotic writings were not able to satisfy the critics. The novels from “L’instant erotique” collection, written by specialists of erotic art, change the strategy and exploit the new state of cultural relations in which the role of this sort of literature is rather to imitate or to play with erotic or pornographic tradition, creating a new model of reception: very conscious and erudite.
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    Écrire la danse, danser la vie. "Ego tango" de Caroline de Mulder
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013-12-30) Siwek, Ryszard
    "Ego tango" is the debut novel by a Belgian writer, Caroline de Mulder. In 2010, it won the most significant literary award in the country. The story is set in a closed circle of the Paris tango dancers. The present study examines the original narration of the novel and the construction of the plot, which are both subordinated to the introvert nature of the tango – a dance that becomes an addiction and an obsession. De Mulder’s text is an interesting example of a theoretical problem of the “correspondence of arts,” their mutual overlapping and co-dependence; in this particular case, literature and dance. This concerns both the music and the lyrics of the tangos, which constitute an integral component of the structure of the musical piece and determine the rhythm of the story being told, its atmosphere, mood and type of the relationship between the protagonists. The novel was inspired by the personal experience of the authoress – a tango dancer and was structured in accordance with the nature and the spirit of this dance.
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    Résister au monde. Déclinaisons historiques de l’identité contemporaine dans quelques romans de Véronique Bergen
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013-12-30) Zbierska-Mościcka, Judyta
    Fictional autobiographies of a Belgian writer, Véronique Bergen, describing fates of outstanding characters albeit marginalised by history (Kaspar Hauser, Ludwig II of Bavaria, Ulrike Meinhof), may be interpreted as a metaphor of a contemporary man’s fate, a man caught, often against his will, in a course of political or social events. The characters described here adopt an active resistance stand against life, the stand defined by Bergen in her essay "Résistances philosophiques", and manifested by striving to create one’s own, coherent world and a new language. In her reference to G. Deleuze, the author states that the said resistance is not only an act of existence but, also, an act of creation while creation of a new language involves, mainly, building of one’s own “I’. Identity of an individual is entangled within identity of a creator while reflection on language – with reflection on artistic medium.
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    Ranger le monde. "Féerie générale" d’Emmanuelle Pireyre
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013-12-30) Lis, Jerzy
    To describe the world and to put some order into our contemporaneity, Emmanuelle Pireyre gathered in his novel titled "Féérie générale "(2012) numerous examples of situations that are symptomatic of the reality of the last years. Written in a way that highlights all the nuances of everyday life and interspersed either with the narrator’s opinions on modern society, or with dreams, extracts of electronic notices, anecdotes, or even with the presentation of a collection of kisses, the stories summarize the discontinuous and complex world. Denouncing the aberrations of society, the narrator confronts the clichés and the ideas people do not have time to think about, suggesting that we see in this world only the beautiful things, love and happiness, feelings considered futile by the thinkers and the creators. In this collection of magic things, Pireyre invites at the same time the readers to distance themselves from the disorder of the world and to live on a kind of islands of happiness.