Społeczeństwo polskie wobec problemów reformy i gospodarki

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Polish Society in Face of the Problems of the Economic Reform


The article presents the results of the April 1985 survey conducted by the Department of Sociology of Labor and Organization of the Institute of Sociology of the Warsaw University and by the Center of Public Opinion Surveys by the Polish Radio and Television on the relation of the Polish society to the economic reform. The research considered questions of a social reaction to the methods of reforming system of management: a mature of that reaction and its group and environmental differentiation. It can be generally stated that the public opinion which views the state of our economy as poor has doubts whether the implemented economic reform can be the means to draw the country out of the crisis. It is stated that the reform fails mostly in the domain of prices, quality of goods and material situation of the workers. Majority of the surveyed can visualise threats to the reform not in the objective economic difficulties but in decission errors on various levels. A part of society seems to be confused. They consider factons which can be the reason of a slow pace of the reform to be its result, mousing lacks of the reform they fail to quote their reasons. lt is important that the workers can see the profits derived from the reform for their enterprises and they express the opinion that it is needed there. That conviction can be observed strongly among those Who declare their contacts with the reform in their everyday work. It can be concluded that the Polish society visualises the reform not as the isolated socio-economic process, but as the integral part of overall far reaching changes both in the State and in the economy which should be implemented in the near future.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 48, 1986, z. 4, s. 215-231



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