Profesjonalna komunikacja w opiece zdrowotnej jako element wsparcia pracowników zawodów medycznych i pacjentów – oczekiwania i potrzeby

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Professional Communication in Healthcare as an Element of Support Offered to Medical Personnel and Patients – Needs and Expectations


Communication between medical personnel and their patients is not easy due to various legal regulations and complex emotional situations. Therefore, this type of communication depends on selecting an appropriate manner of communication and the choice of words. Teaching communication skills to healthcare professionals is absolutely essential and should be carried out according to the latest knowledge and standards developed in many countries. The Center of Clinical Communication was founded in Bydgoszcz to meet the needs and expectations of the Polish healthcare staff. In cooperation with the European Association of Communication in Healthcare, the Center is to work out and develop curricula for teaching clinical communication and adjusting them to the resources and needs existing in Poland. The Center of Clinical Communication is also planning to teach trainers who, according tohighest international standards, shall teach communication skills to future as well as active healthcare personnel.




clinical communication, healthcare, support


Studia Edukacyjne, 2015, nr 35, s.349-366.

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