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Commodity exchange vs efficiency of the market


In consequence of the change in the economic conditions which took place in Poland in 1989, the management of a company had to undergo necessary transformations as well. In a competitive environment, companies were forced to develop marketing strategies as well as seek new solutions and improvements within the company itself, such as better management of the raw materials or more cost effective production. The introduction of basic market economy principles have resulted in the establishment of a number of new institutions typical of this new economic system. They include banks, stock and securities exchanges, auctions and commodity exchanges. The development of the banking sector has been particularly significant since the beginning of the nineties. Similarly, the Warsaw Stock Exchange enjoys considerable popularity among investors. However, while the former develop so rapidly, the system of commodity exchanges is still inadequate. And yet, it is the commodity exchange that has many functions in the economy, to mention a few like the packing and repacking of goods or the balancing of the time period between the completion of the production process and the moment of the sale of manufactured goods. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important that appropriate legal regulations are formulated, which would determine and legalise the operations of commodity exchanges in Poland. A commodity exchange, being an integral element of a market economy, should play a considerable role in the improvement of the functioning and efficiency of the Polish market.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny, 56, 1994, z. 3, s. 83-90



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