“Career portfolio” as a Tool to Renew Career Capital

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"Portfolio kariery" jako narzędzie odnawialności kapitału kariery


In this article, the Author stressed the subject of the career phenomenon. The discourse presented here related to the career that requires taking into account multicontextual changes in the area of work and changes that make employees face new challenges, emphasizes the importance of constructing one’s own career “portfolio”, as a tool to renew one’s career. The most important changes include the increase in the role of the career and the ability to plan, manage and monitor one’s career in a lifelong perspective. Career capital is constituted by accumulated values that create career “portfolio” and are necessary to develop one’s career. Therefore career capital (subject to increase, decrease, or exchange for “fresh” capital) is a term that reflects the diagnoses and prognoses from an individual’s mind. These diagnoses and prognoses come from accumulated personal resources that individuals acquire through educational, professional, social, and cultural experience. Without a doubt, while analyzing individual career development paths, one should take into account a wide field of the subject’s conditions. Semantic meanings that individuals impart to their reality and in which they construct their careers should be also investigated.




“career portfolio”, career capital, career competence, investing and renewing career capital, career development


Studia Edukacyjne, nr 30, 2014, s. 57-70



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