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    Sprawozdanie z Ogólnopolskiej Konferencji Naukowej "Profesjonalizacja w edukacji akademickiej"
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Krajewska, Anna; Kowalczuk-Walędziak, Marta
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    Katarzyna Barbara Kochan, Elementarze szkolne w II Rzeczypospolitej
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Głowacka-Sobiech, Edyta
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    Aksjologiczne barwy światów dziecka we współczesnym polskim filmie fabularnym
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Brzezińska, Anna
    Now that the audiovisual culture is evolving, films seem to be a source of various stories about us and our world and of certain models that we follow. Film, as a discursive element of pop culture, calls for a search for answers to some most ambiguous questions regarding the axiological colours of the child’s worlds. The aim of these considerations is to recognize and describe the axiological dimension of the child’s world in contemporary Polish cinema, using films by Dorota Kędzierzawska as examples. The child’s worlds, unobvious due to axiological chaos, are shown. Presenting ordinary, everyday children characters in different moments of their lives is supposed to encourage the challenge of scientific reflection on childhood in the modern world.
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    Communication Styles in Teaching and their Psycho-Didactic Aspects
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2015) Kosíková, Věra
    This contribution, using a research approach, focuses on communication styles in teaching and their psycho-didactic aspects. It analyzes the communication styles from a humanist, non-directive approach perspective, based on empathy and mutual respect. A non-directive communication style encourages the student to become a co-creator of the teaching process, it nurtures his or her curiosity, creativity, his or her own experience and the autonomy in the learning process.
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    Experiential Pedagogy in a Lighthouse on a Desert Island
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Krajnčan, Mitja
    The article is concerned with the social and experiential pedagogic effects of living in a lighthouse on a small desert island. Using the method of action research, we studied seven adolescents from juvenile institutions living in a small confined space for the duration of ten days. The main goal was to study the adolescents within the small confined social system of the island for the purpose of analyzing the resulting social changes and acquired social skills. Throughout the entire project, we observed the adolescents’ behaviour, initiative and inventiveness, and taught them certain techniques and methods of surviving with limited means. Using different activities, we also succeeded in finding personal resources for empowering the individuals. We developed the group and made individuals more open to conformation. The socially interactive activities selected strengthened the group’s cohesion, individual social competences and skills. The results have shown that a short period of time spent in an intensive group environment within a limited and specific setting can produce significant changes in an individual. The individuals gained valuable life experiences. Certain transferral discrepancies might represent obstacles, which is why we expect that prolonging the stay on the island would lead to even more pronounced changes and noticeable results upon returning home as well.
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    Learning to Learn From the Textbook: the Case of Novice Textbook Learners
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Gavora, Peter
    The purpose of this paper is to describe aspects of the textbook that a novice textbook learner has to recognize and use in order to make learning efficient. These aspects are (a) text genre, (b) special language, (c) navigation through the textbook, and (d) textbook tasks. The paper culminates in describing and analyzing thinking operations the textbook learner has to utilize in order to carry out the textbook tasks. The description of textbook elements and processes is anchored in the context of socialization of the child into the printed culture.
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    Introductory Analysis of Factors Affecting Intercultural Couples in the Context of Singapore
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Skowroński, Dariusz P.; Fong Tay Danx, Daniel Justin; Ho Wen Wan, Michelle; Ying Cherie Toh Shi; Fernandez Tricia Marjorie; Waszyńska, Katarzyna
    The intercultural marriages in Singapore have been on the rise in recent years and there is a growing need to present an analysis of potentially vital factors, which may play a significant role in couple dynamics from the cross-cultural perspective. The body of research found that mixed marriages and relationships tend to encounter more obstacles affecting the level of marital satisfaction than monocultural marriages. Therefore a deeper understanding of the factors affecting intercultural couples in Singapore seems to be a crucial introduction to the local context due to the paucity of prior research.
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    Zmiany w myśleniu o rozwoju ścieżki kariery zawodowej w świecie permanentnej zmiany
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Myszka, Lucyna
    The time of stable careers in one organization has gone. In a globalized world, the traditional way of career development is very rare. Today we can observe a negotiation between the employer and the employee about his/her future career. This situation demands an ability to quickly respond to the job market’s needs and to be proactive about one’s career. On the other hand, management has to be open to employees’ expectations. This provokes a question about reference points in a world of permanent change in relation to making one’s future.
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    Kontrowersje wokół diagnozy poziomu funkcjonowania poznawczego uczniów z uszkodzeniem narządu słuchu
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Wiśniewska, Anna
    This paper discusses the problem of the psychological assessment of hearing-impaired children in Poland. Its aim is to provide a guide to reliable and accurate instruments for IQ assessment of the Deaf. The author adopts a position that people who are deaf and for whom the PJM (Polish Sign Language) is the mother tongue, should be regarded as a cultural minority. The paper reviews all of the psychological tools used in Poland like WAIS-R and WISC-R scale to evaluate the level of cognitive functioning of the hard of hearing. Given the lack of appropriate assessment tools for measuring deaf children’s intelligence, many psychologists in Poland use testing methods that are not welladapted, e.g. they only account for the Polish culture and disregard the characteristics of the PJM. The article reveals the consequences of using such ill-adapted tests as well as assessing child’s learning difficulties based on them.
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    Kompetencje społeczne nauczyciela a skuteczność pracy w szkole
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Jarmużek, Joanna
    The aim of this article is to show the importance of social skills and competences (assertiveness, authority) in every social profession, especially in teaching. It defines assertiveness as a certain social attitude which enables people to being genuine in living their own lives. It is an attitude towards oneself and other people, which relays on giving freedom and acceptance to one’s decisions and choices. The only limit of assertiveness is other people’s freedom. Every teacher has the desire to be an authority for his pupils, but without certain social skills it is almost impossible unless it is built on fear. Without certain social skills the probability of occupational burnout increases, because a teacher lacks the ability to set social boundaries, demand respect and take psychological care of himself.
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    Społeczeństwo „globalnej zmiany” w świadomości młodzieży
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Peret-Drążewska, Paulina
    The primary aims of the article are the evaluation of the peers’ generation by a group of young people and the views and opinions of the researched group on society in constant global change. Young people constitute a social group that is particularly involved with the reality of permanent change. Aside from changes existing in the outside world, young people are challenged by a number of changes coming from their inner psychosocial state. Young people are therefore, so to say, in a double situation of being ‘in-between’ – the inner and the outer one. It is a difficult task for young people to find permanent ‘land’ in the ‘liquid sea’ of omnipresent changes. Because of those issues, young people of secondary schools became the object of the theoretical analysis and the research process, the choice made due to developmental changes of adolescence corresponding to the idea of research.
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    Tendencje, kierunki i paradygmaty w niemieckich badaniach i koncepcjach uczenia się dorosłych
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Solarczyk-Szwec, Hanna
    The article contains an overview of studies and concepts of adult education in Germany from the 1960s, when andragogy was formed as a discipline of science at universities, to the present. Of particular importance for the development of research on education in Germany, were four large-scale empirical team studies, commonly known as: Göttingen Study (1966), Oldenburg Study (1971-1973), Hanover College (1975), and Heidelberg Study (1979-1981), which were more closely characterised in the article from the methodological and theoretical perspective. In Germany in the 1980s, there was a clear turn in the methodology of andragogy research towards a paradigm of quantitative studies. The turn allowed to include and give a specific trait to concepts of life environment, everyday knowledge, patterns of interaction and biographicity. In the 1990s, in the German andragogy disappeared a tendency for the dominance of a selected research paradigm; a methodological concept of criss-crossing perspectives was developed, which implies the development of specific research methods, adequate for the subject of studies. Further in the text were presented concepts of adult learning emerging in the next decades. They were: key qualifications, exemplary, expansive, situational, self-organised, and directed learning as well as theories of emotional lifelong adult learning. The summary indicated characteristic features of research and theory of adult education in Germany.
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    Edukacja dwujęzyczna i konstruowanie tożsamości etnicznej (na przykładzie mniejszości tubylczych w obszarach Arktyki)
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Gmerek, Tomasz
    The article deals with the issue of the relation between education and the processes of the development of ethnic identity in the Arctic. Particular emphasis was placed on reconstructing educational practices and the language policy that is implemented toward indigenous minorities in the circumpolar countries. An attempt was made at examining the relationship between language policy, schooling, and development of ethnic identity of aboriginal minorities in the Far North.
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    Barriers to Social Integration for People with Disabilities. The Polish Experiences
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Twardowski, Andrzej
    The implementation of social integration consists in creating opportunities for the disabled to participate in normal life, providing access to all public institutions and social situations in which fully able people participate. Social integration in this meaning is a long way and numerous barriers are likely to appear. Barriers are all obstacles which make it difficult or impossible for the disabled to participate in the mainstream of social life and to perform socially appreciated roles. The author discusses main social integration barriers of persons with disabilities in Poland: diagnostic, educational, social, psychological, and employment-related.
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    Nauczanie inkluzyjne w doświadczeniach polskich – podstawy prawne i społeczne uwarunkowania
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Chrzanowska, Iwona
    Inclusion may connect but it cannot divide especially in context of constituting wishful assumptions. The first of them is a belief/hope that we, as a society, are ready for inclusion. The second assumption is that trained staff have appropriate background and are able to face the challenge of working within a heterogenic team. Third, the effects of inclusive education of the disabled will be better in comparison to other forms. Another problem is the attitude towards people with disabilities. Peter Mittler points out that one of major obstacles for inclusive education to succeed is teachers’ approach. If teachers in public schools believe that disabled students are different, the consequent belief is that it is necessary to have some special qualifications to work with them (P. Mittler, 2000). Inclusive education of disabled students is not a simple task, especially with the perspective of a strain of socialistic stigmata of the common front. Some questions about the idea realization remain to be answered.
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    Media i kultura popularna jako obszar studiów nad edukacją
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Jakubowski, Witold
    When defining the term education we tend to narrow its meaning to something that takes place only in school. This point of view makes us unable to understand much of what is going on in contemporary education. On the other hand, contemporary media and popular culture seem to play an important role in education and processes of defining individual and collective identities. Not only do electronic media “pass on information” but also influence our life attitudes, lift boundaries between nations or social groups, and bridge the difference between what happens in and out of the school classroom. In the 1960s electronic media were perceived as “the third sphere of culture”. Nowadays they are “the first sphere of culture”, which means that they belong to “direct” or immediate culture where the participants have the opportunity to contact “face to face”. In other words, we our surrounded by the world of media and they are part of our culture. The increasing audiovisualisation of the present day changes society and provides broader perspectives on education. The separation between the sender and the receiver (teachers and students) seems to have become unimportant. Global knowledge offers the same information worldwide, no matter where we are or where we live. Modern media offer entertainment but also are an area where people live, create and negotiate meaning. This can be observed in various surveys taken, for example, on groups of soap opera fans, music or computer-games enthusiasts and others who take part in contemporary pop culture. The internet offers unrestricted communication to different subcultures and communities who thanks to it have the ability to express their opinion on a variety of issues like social events or texts that are a part of audio-visual culture. Communities nowadays originate in the context of popular culture.
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    Kształtowanie kompetencji demokratycznych – perspektywa rozwojowa
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Błajet, Piotr; Przyborowska, Beata
    Analysis of the situation in Poland and abroad may indicate the illusory nature of the democratic society project. Not infrequently does democracy in many places and processes turn out to be an empty signifier. One of the underlying reasons is the watering down or invalidating differences between individuals. The liberal strategy of leaving out differences seems to be one of the crucial drivers of the crisis of democracy. Meantime, for the democratic project to be operational it must take into account the fact that people differ from one another by means of codes via which they comprehend reality and try to change it. Democracy will be then a strategy of integrating differences. Therefore the project of educating for democracy and developing democratic competences must assume as its starting point some concept of human development. Robert Kegan’s concept of development, contingent on the notion of the object, allows a typology of attitudes towards differences, which in turn allows an adoption of precise education and logistical tasks in the strategy of education for diversity.
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    “Career portfolio” as a Tool to Renew Career Capital
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2014) Cybal-Michalska, Agnieszka
    In this article, the Author stressed the subject of the career phenomenon. The discourse presented here related to the career that requires taking into account multicontextual changes in the area of work and changes that make employees face new challenges, emphasizes the importance of constructing one’s own career “portfolio”, as a tool to renew one’s career. The most important changes include the increase in the role of the career and the ability to plan, manage and monitor one’s career in a lifelong perspective. Career capital is constituted by accumulated values that create career “portfolio” and are necessary to develop one’s career. Therefore career capital (subject to increase, decrease, or exchange for “fresh” capital) is a term that reflects the diagnoses and prognoses from an individual’s mind. These diagnoses and prognoses come from accumulated personal resources that individuals acquire through educational, professional, social, and cultural experience. Without a doubt, while analyzing individual career development paths, one should take into account a wide field of the subject’s conditions. Semantic meanings that individuals impart to their reality and in which they construct their careers should be also investigated.
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