Ideologia braci polskich a ich język. Zasada "sola Scriptura" w twórczości Marcina Czechowica

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Wydawnictwo "Poznańskie Studia Polonistyczne" i Wydawnictwo Poznańskiego Towarzystwa Przyjaciół Nauk

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Ideology of the Polish Brethren and their language. On the observance of the "sola Scriptura" principle in the literary and theological output of Marcin Czechowic


The principal aim of this article is to show dependencies between preaching one’s beliefs (preached ideology) and the language of a communicative community. The illustrative material for the purpose is provided by the literary and theological output of Marcin Czechowic, the Polish Socinian minister, theologian and writer, author of the translation of the New Testament and its summary in verse (rhymed summary). The choice of this particular religious group was prompted by a conviction that the group’s religious radicalism (in this particular case limited solely to observance of the "sola Scriptura" principle) would be reflected in language. The observations concerning the translation output of the Polish Brethren presented in the work, in particular those referring to explicit comments on the Bible and those within the domain of the usage of biblical themes and motifs as a means for imaging and the source of literary inspiration, prove that ideologically-motivated authority of the Bible had a distinct rendition in not only the syllabus on the teaching of Holy Scripture, but also on the actual description of the Book. The literary and theological output of Marcin Czechowic stands out beyond other religious authors, both Catholic and Protestant, in the constant presence of the theme of the Holy Bible. Other distinguishable and characteristic features of Czechowic’s style of writing include his individual and unique way of shaping the description that expresses the highest reverence for the perfection and excellence of God’s word.




XVII-wieczne polemiki religijne, Marcin Czechowic, sola Scriptura, bracia polscy


Poznańskie Studia Polonistyczne. Linguistic Series, nr 18, 2011, s. 49-75.



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