Significance of Nord Stream for Poland

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The article constitutes the problem analysis of the gas pipeline built by the Nord Stream company, i.e. its meanings for Poland, the EU and other states, peculiarly in the context of the energy security of the region. This article includes pros and cons of the legitimacy of the structure of the gas pipeline on the Baltic seabed. In this fragment authors more widely referred to the politics pursued by opponents of the plan which was pushed through by Gazprom, as well as to arguments supporting the need of this gas project. The general conclusion of analysis of the legitimacy of the North gas pipeline construction shows that it is not as unique project as it could seem. And the evaluation of this undertaking depends on businesses of national individual states and business entities. In the more distant part of the text authors referred to the importance on the world stage of the North gas pipeline for Poland, Germany and Russia, and to threats which can result from it. In addition, the article contains synthetic approach to the situation of gas and gas projects in Poland. However, at the end of the text there are conclusions and summary of all the problems. In short, the text referred to the most debated issues in both energy policy and Polish foreign policy.




Nord Stream, polityka energetyczna, energy policy, bezpieczeństwo energetyczne, energy security


G. Rosicki, R. Rosicki, Significance of Nord Stream for Poland, in: P. Kwiatkiewicz (Ed.), Bezpieczeństwo energetyczne - rynki surowców i energii, Poznań: Wyd. WSB, 2011, pp. 27 – 40.




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