Postawy kobiet wobec wartości - zarys problematyki w świetle koncepcji teoretycznych oraz badań empirycznych

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Women's attitudes towards values in theoretical and empirical studies


This article dealis with attitudes towards values among women in contemporary Polish society, which has not been considered to be an autonomous complex subject of social studies in Poland before. Polish sociology of values usually focused on youth as a social category or on Poles during the political and economic transformation in 1989 in general. As far as women as a social category are concerned, the only attempt at giving sociological characteristic of their attitudes towards values dealt with their attitudes towards family and work. Therefore the knowledge in this field is rather fragmentary and needs to be completed by a complex empirical study based on a macro-, mezzo- and micro-structural theory. The author presents data from three main sources of knowledge in the presented field, which are: - the World Values Surveys based on Roland Inglehart's assumptions representing the world's population (more tha 60 societies) carried out regularly from the early 1980s, - Polish researches which accord to Inglehart's theory carried out after the political and economic transformation in 1989 - the researches of women's attitudes towards some particular values especially family and work. Analysis of above mentioned data leads to a conclusion that the system of values of Polish women is still a virgin territory in sociology. Therefore, the research planned by the author of this article contain the following issues: 1. What types of preferences of social order are characteristic for women in the contemporary Polish society? 2. Of which particular values do those preferences consist? 3. What are the possible sociological explanations of particular women's choices among different values? 4. Which demographic features and which of their consequences are related to particular choices of values? 5. What changes in Polish women's hierarchy of values could be observed in the last fifteen years?





Roczniki Socjologii Rodziny, 2006, tom 17, s. 139-160.



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