Trójwymiarowa wizualizacja komputerowa w zastosowaniach naukowych i edukacyjnych

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3D vissualisation in scientific and educational applications


Visualisation with 3D graphics is used in some problems in education specially in modeling of geometry in virtual reality. Generally virtual reality is a way for humans to visualize, manipulate and interact with computers and extremely complex data. The 3D visualization part refers to the computer generating visual, auditory or other sensual outputs to the user of a within the computer. The applications being developed for 3D graphics run a wide spectrum, from games and educational systems to technical and architectural projects. Many applications are worlds that are very similar to real world. Some applications provide ways of viewing from an advantageous perspective not possible with the real world, like scientific simulators and telepresence systems, medical applications, and educational software. Screenbased presentations address subsets of human capacity, the 3D graphic learning environment provides a context that includes the multiple nature of human intelligence: verbal, linguistic, logical, mathematical, auditory, spatial, inter- and intrapersonal. The technology is designed to fit human architecture. A virtual world empowers us to move, talk, gesticulate, and manipulate objects and systems in a natural way: to move an object, you reach out your hand and pick it up; to see what you hear going on behind you, you turn around and look. 3D graphics may be created in Internet with VRML protocol.




Media, Multimedia, Wizualizacja, Visualisation, Prezentacje, Showing, Interface, Grafika 3D, 3D, Wirtualność, Virtual reality


Neodidagmata, nr 24, 1999, pp. 143-150




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