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Child in social advertising


Transformation in Poland has brought many changes in ways of mass communication. One of the new form was non profit advertising where one promotes new values, attitudes or paterns of behaviour or stigmatizes undesired phenomena. The first part of an article is strictly theoretical - it presents definitions, differencies between non profit and commercial advertising, classification of non profit campaigns, as well as two potencial sources of those campaigns. The first one, is Ronald Inglehart's concept of countries moving from materialistic to postmaterialistic values. The second, is the theory of new social movements which move border between private and public, unveil what was hidden. They concentrate around natural environment, the human body, self development and cultural heritage. The second part presents the results of an analysis concerning the subject of a child in Polish non profit campaigns in print media published between 1997 and March 2003. The analysis was made on the basis of two criteria: the age of the group which was the subject of an ad and the problem itself. The results showed a vast range of issues concerning the youngest citizens (children and youth). The main were: domestic violence, financial difficulties, sexual abuse, dangers of sexual initiation (pregnancy, VD's, HIV), abusing of drugs, alcohol and cigarrettes, accidents inside and outside the house as well as recklessness on the road. The emergence of that type of announcements is a sign that traditional institutions such as schools and families are unsuccessful in achieving their educational goals. Children need those campains as they „fight” for their rights on children's behalf; society needs them as well to initiate a change in attitudes and behaviour.





Roczniki Socjologii Rodziny, 2003, tom 15, s. 137-146



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