Role rodzinne, zawodowe i konsumenckie jako czynniki konstruowania tożsamości kobiet i mężczyzn w warunkach „różnorodności teraźniejszości"

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Family, professional and consumer roles as factors of constructing identities of women and men in conditions of „variety of the present times”


The gender self-identity can be considered in the social, psychological and cultural context as the relatively constant self- image as a man or woman. It can also be defined as a relation between collective (shaped in the socialization’s process) and individual (created in one’s original experiences) self. The self-identity focuses on the macro-structural processes like the transformation from traditional through modern to post-modern societies and maintenances the cultural tendencies in the individual biography as the internalised socialization’s patterns. Basically in most of the contemporary societies there are some remains of traditional (preindustrial) values-system (like the high position of family and religion) together with the modern and post-modern values (like individualism and auto-creation) featuring. That’s why gender as the aspect of the role-specific self-identity is defined as a heterogeneous dynamic and contradictory structure, which can lead to the roles’ conflict (as the result of roles expectations incoherence) or in-role-conflict (as a result of contradictions within a particular role). The research carried out in the Polish society in the 90-ties revealed that most of the women put the adaptation strategies into their life-practice in order to avoid the role conflict between the family and the professional roles (as a conflict between traditional and modern socialization’s patterns). There is also a noticeable conflict between the traditional and post-modern role-patterns (between the family and customer’s role).





Roczniki Socjologii Rodziny, 2003, tom 15, s. 63-83



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