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Industrial Property in Poland and the Economical Return


The subject of this work is to analyse the spatial disposal of industrial property of Poland and the level of technical provision of work and the attempt to apply economic standards, with characterize the exploitation of this property in the years 1961—1966. The analyses of the spatial disposal of the permanent assets have been made in three space sections i.e. a) relative concentration of industrial property in the range of 6 areas with the leading element of municipal complex and remaining 77 voivodeships (table 1); b) relative concentration of property of administratively independent voivodeship's towns and remaining 17 areas (table 2) and; c) relative productivity of the property in the section of seven macroregions (table 3). Four relative quantities called coefficients of relative concentration of permanent assets have been taken as the analytical mean. The leading standard of three coefficients is the value of the industrial gross property (at the base equal 100) by three different data (the partial participation of the region, the partial participation of the population and the partial participation of industrial employment). The fourth coefficient is a synthetic standard of relative concentration of industrial property. This standard is the geometric mean of partitive coefficients. The division on economic macroregions was taken from "Introduction to theory of productive power disposal", by Secomski and from "Statistic Annual" 1966. The technical provision of work was analysed in the branch section for the years 1961 and 1966. An international comparison has also been attempted (Poland, ZSRR, USA). To assess the state of use of industrial property, three categories as economic standards have been accepted: income (the relation of clear production to the value of permanent assets), productivity (the relation of the global product to the value of the property) and profitableness of the property (the relation of the mass of production profit to the value of property). These standards are supplemented by the coefficient of productive and profitable capital-consumption. Profitableness of the industrial property has been treated almost in detail. The profitableness in the years 1961—1966 has been compared with the rate of the accumulation (amortization plus production profit) and with the rate of expenditure on permanent assets (investments plus general renovation). In the final consideration the rate of profitableness of permanent assets in Polish industry in the years 1961—1966 from the point of view of the financial base for extended reproduction has been subjected to estimation. The dependence between the cycle of increase of permanent assets and self-financing of this increase in production profit has been introduced. On the background of the analyses of profitableness of the industrial property a postulate of reform in the sphere of rebuilding prices of production means by introducing interest of permanent assets as a material element has been suggested. Attention has also been paid to the problem of common responsibility of enterprises and unions for the administration of permanent assets, and on the relation between this responsibility and the complete disposal of funds on clear reproduction. In connection with this the negative economic effects of exploitation of the industrial property have been stressed. Finally conclusions of the analyses of spatial disposal of industrial property have been submitted. The necessity for harmonizing investement policy with the investment needs of the regions of intensive economy and extensive economy for liquidating disproportions of space economy of the property was emphasized.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 31, 1969, z. 2, s. 185-204



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