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Wydawnictwo "Poznańskie Studia Polonistyczne", Poznań

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Chapter is an attempt at reconstruction of the culminating moment of the first stage of the Polish reception of Shakespeare's "Hamlet". It has been entirely devoted to J. Słowacki's "Horsztyński". There is no doubt that "Horsztyński" should be viewed as the fullest and deepest interpretation of Shakespearean elements in the literary output of Juliusz Słowacki. Numerous citations and references to the works of the Elizabethan dramatist reach deeply into the structure of the world and human's life. Thanks to many adductions (citations) to Shakespeare, Słowacki approached the so much important problem for the Romantic period in Polish literature, namely the problem of individual tragedy of existence of the main character of a play and a clash with historical dilemmas of the community. The analysis of the text is aimed at showing all references to Shakespearean masterpiece with a particular emphasis on the hamletism of the charactwe of Szczęsny Kossakowski. The author describes the motif of betrayal, ever-present on different levels of the text structure, which in the most complete way describes the organisation of space between humans and their interaction in "Horsztyński". The author focuses his attention on detailed description and analysis of the recurrent themes frequently repeated in Szczęsny's statements, namely motifs of "man-harp", "man-actor in the theatre of the world", and "man-puppet", harlequin, clown. These motifs prove the sensibility of Szczęsny's to the theatrical aspect of the surrounding reality. The motif of darkness and of a blind man groping his way in the darkness so frequent in Szczęsny's statements can be interpreted as a manifestation of utter lack of hope and the feeling of uselessness of one's existence in the world.




Hamlet, Juliusz Słowacki, Horsztyński, The Polish Hamlet


Krzysztof Kurek, Polski Hamlet, [w:] Krzysztof Kurek, Polski Hamlet. Z historii idei i wyobraźni narodowej, Wydawnictwo "Poznańskie Studia Polonistyczne", Poznań 1999, s. 125 - 150.




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