Kształtowanie motywacji w środowisku pracy

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Shaping motivation in the working environment


A juncture of interrelated motives decides always about the behavior of people in their working environment, their professional activity and the tendency to the effective performance, this forms their motivation understood as a process governing the selection made by an individual from among various forms of activity aiming at the achievement of the goals resulted from the values appreciated by the said individual. It is precisely that motivation nursing presently the fondest hopes. Filling it with the new contents and functions has to be the key to solving various problems brought about by the economic reform: it is expected to activate human attitudes, their efficiency and effectiveness, support initiative and ingeniousness of employees. Therefore enterprises are seeking those solutions which would be simple and at the same time stimulating to the efficient work. Those solutions concern mostly the material motivation i.e. improvements in wage policies and comprise such wage issues as: methods of qualifying and regulating labor,, forming the internal structure of wages, awarding wage promotions, and the selection of rational wage forms, relating the results of work evaluation to wages and conditions of their increase. These are the trends in enterprises, but no satisfactory results are encountered. Proper control of motivation calls for considering not only reactions of employees for pecuniary values and for improving wage policies and technics, but also for under taking paralel activities, aiding stimulation of the will to work and facilitating the use of human talents and resources, i.e. having regard for the conditions in which people live and work, which affect them creating given motivational situations (encouraging or discouraging). As regards an enterprise the said activities are: endowing work contents with intellectual values and autonomous functions, improving conditions of the material working environment, eliminating their burden and generating favorable psycho-social climate effecting a high culture of cooperation and mutual consensus among the people.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 48, 1986, z. 2, s. 303-324



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