Czynniki regionalne wpływające na poziom płac pracowników przemysłu

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Regional Factors Ruling the Wages of Industrial Workers


The subject of this article is an analysis of selected regional factors ruling the wages of industrial workers. The following spatial factors have been examined: — national income per man in the region, — level of regional urbanization, — value of capital equipment in the industry per man in regional terms, — social productivity of labour of industrial workers in the region, — average educational status of industrial workers in the region. With the help of correlation and regression calculus an analysis of interdependence between the illustrated variable (the average monthly wages in industries) and the set of accepted for examination illustrating variables was made, variables closely interconnected (bound up with one another) were specified and the correlation relationship was changed for the functional relationship. To make the analysis more penetrating the calculation was done with applying a year's and three years' retardation of the illustrated variable. The analysis resulted in the following conclusions: 1) There is a positive, however marginal relation between the average monthly wages in industries and the national income per man in the region and the level of regional urbanistion. 2) The wage level of industrial workers is mostly influenced by capital equipment in industries and the average educational status of industrial workers in the region. 3) There is a negative, however minimal relation between wages in industries and social productivity of labour per man employed in industry. It is founded on the fact that high social productivity of labour in industries in mainly determined by the value of capital equipment of labour in industry.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 34, 1972, z. 2, s. 137-157



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