Blogs and scientific services. Scientific communication in culture of convergence

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Blogi i serwisy naukowe. Komunikacja naukowa w kulturze konwergencji


The development of the means of communication has led to significant changes in the functioning of science, as well as, in the way research findings are published. The paper deals with the subject of the academic blogosphere as an example of using new media in the process of the dissemination of science. Science communication with the use of Internet tools is beginning to operate in the paradigm of the convergence culture, combining the old with the new media in the process of knowledge distribution. The old media, not only has not been abandoned but it continues to be used and supported by new technologies (the role of social media in the process of science communication is discussed herein by using the examples of Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus). In addition to indicating basic historical and typological elements within the scope of functioning of science blogs, the paper presents the functions that a blog can offer to author-scientists, readers and the society. It examines the reasons and motivations behind starting a blog, as well as, the reasons for not blogging about science (e.g. a personal character of the blog, or an objective character of scientific information). The author attempts to draw the panorama of the Polish academic blogosphere (presenting an overview of projects and initiatives) and discusses blogging by using the example of his own blog, Communication researcher workshop (Warsztat badacza komunikacji). He presents blogs as a modern tool for scientific communication and examines the challenges and problems that could arise during the process of creating a science web service geared towards a wide audience (students, as much as, research fellows). On the basis of works conducted on the vertical portal Science and Progress (Nauka i Postęp) created by the Poznań University of Technology, Polish Television in Poznań, as well as, the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolski Region, he points out the difficulties in the integration of the old and new media emerging in the process of promotion and dissemination of science. Among other sources, the analysis considers the studies conducted by TNS Pentor as part of a project, which led to the development of Science and Progress.




social media, blogosphere, blogs, scientific communication, communication, science, convergence


Kulczycki, E. (2012). Blogs and scientific services. Scientific communication in culture of convergence. W: I. Sójkowska (red.). Materiały konferencyjne EBIB nr 22. Toruń: Stowarzyszenie EBIB





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