Pakt o przedsiębiorstwie państwowym a potrzeba zmiany ustroju pracy w Polsce

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Piotrowski, Włodzimierz



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Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM

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The enterprise pact and the need to change the employment system in Poland


The author understands the Pact as a social contract shaping not only the status of employees of state enterprises in the transition period, but as an act of a wider scope. Its significance manifests itself in the approval of market economy and in the acceptance of social partnership relations between employees and employers, as well as in the recognition of the partners' duty to seek the harmonization of conflicting interests through negotiations. The Pact is accompanied by several drafts of legal acts, which contain new elements of the employment system and are based on solutions adopted in the EEC countries. Evaluating these drafts from the point of view of market economy, the author is of the opinion that not all proposals contained in the Pact meet such requirements. The most difficult problem of the system of employment in Poland is the plurality of trade unions, uncooperative and hostile towards one another, what in t u rn creates difficulties with respect to their collective bargaining power; another problem is the absence of any employee representation in the majority of Polish workplaces.



Digitalizacja i deponowanie archiwalnych zeszytów RPEiS sfinansowane przez MNiSW w ramach realizacji umowy nr 541/P-DUN/2016



Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny, 55, 1993, z. 2, s. 1-20



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