Zaginiony i odnaleziony - piętnastowieczny rękopis z dziełami Pseudo-Augustyna i Pseudo-Chryzostoma z Biblioteki Katedralnej w Gnieźnie

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Muzeum Początków Państwa Polskiego w Gnieźnie

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Lost and found – the fifteenth-century manuscript of the works of Pseudo-Augustine and Pseudo-Chrysostom from the Cathedral Library in Gniezno


Summary: The article concerns, found during the inventory of the Complex of Cathedral Library in the Archives of the Archdiocese of Gniezno, fifteenth-century volume, consisting of co-binded incunabulum and paper manuscript. It is, as previously thought, lost code of former signature of MS 20, which was a part of the Complex of Seminary of Cathedral Library of Gniezno. In the article, the monument was described in terms of codecological, paleographical, its content was identified, and provenance was specified. The parts of parchment diplomas, used to reinforce the book block, indicate that the binding of the code may be the work of local (Wielkopolska) bookbinding workshop. Preserved in the pages of the manuscript distinctive watermark and a letter (Gothic cursive) indicate that the code was written in 70s. of the fifteenth century. The volume consists of incunabula (Johannes de Turrecremata, Expositio super toto psalterio, Strasburg, Typographus Legendae Aureae, 29 April 1482, 2°), and the manuscript of the four treaties of Pseudo-Augustine of Hippo and a part of the work of Pseudo-John Chrysostom. The monument originally belonged to the library of the Dominican monastery in Poznań. It was provided to Gniezno in the nineteenth century, after dissolution of the monastery. Currently, the rediscovered code receives MS 1020 signature.




manuscript, incunabulum, Gniezno Cathedral Library, adligat


Studia nad dawną Polską, tom 4, Gniezno 2015, pp. 139-147




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