Orientacja przyszłościowa młodzieży a jej środowisko rodzinne

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Adolescents' future orientation and their family environment


The future orientation is particularly important for the development of human activities and forming a relatively stable way of life. In contemporary Polish literature on psychology the problem of future orientation is relatively rarely considered, particularly from the point of view of its developmental determinants. The main aim of this study was to recognize the role of the family environment for forming the future orientation in adolescence. The research was carried on 200 girls and boys aged 16-18 and 360 adults - parents of the adolescents studied. The main research tools used in the study were the following: an essay on the subject "I and my future" and a questionnaire which studies atmosphere at home and parenting strategies. The results show that the family environment influences the formation of future orientation of the adolescents in many ways. A coherent and harmonious family atmosphere is conducive to the formation of the profamily orientation, and bad one threatens making close emotional ties with other people and involvement in intimate relation in adult life. The parenting strategies influence the structure of future orientation of adolescents. An influence of particular importance is exerted by the amount of time given over to a child by his/her parents, taking into consideration his/her opinions when a decision concerning family life are made and the widely understood support given to adolescent by the parents in difficult situations.





Roczniki Socjologii Rodziny, 2006, tom 17, s. 65-82.



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