Instytucjonalne i funkcjonalne podstawy mechanizmu handlu zagranicznego

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Institutional and Functional Foundations of Foreign Trade


The author presents the conception of using foreign trade turnovers as well as the main elements and principles of the system of foreign trade in conditions of Poland's economy. At the beginning the author is analizing means of using foreign trade in a planning economy in short and long terms. Then he passes over to the basic problem: to the concept of a construction of the mechanism of foreign trade in the system of our economy. The essential elements of actual mechanism of foreign trade are as follows: 1) concentration of almost all decisions concerning the economic foreign transaction on the central level, 2) choice of the commodity structure of foreign trade on the basic calculation of the central plan, 3) institutional and economic separation of the foreign trade from production, 4) autonomous character of the system of home market prices in regard to the world market prices, 5) sovereign of a monetary system and the passive function of the rate of exchange. The last part of this article consists of analyzing directions of the evolution of the mechanism of foreign trade. The author presents here these reforms mainly, which in result of the sharp criticism of the previous system consist of a certain degree of decentralization of management of foreign trade. The deviations from the assumptions of this model concerning here are: activity of the calculation enterprises and incentives at the level of the enterprise, decentralization of certain decisions in foreign trade, and incentival action of prices system in the sphere of the plan fulfillment.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 32, 1970, z. 2, s. 235-251



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