Źródła uprzywilejowanej pozycji producenta w gospodarce uspołecznionej

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Sources of the Priviledged Producer Position in the Socialized Economy


In the present article the author discusses the sources of the priviledged position of enterprises on the socialist mairket. Some economic organizations.' are vested with an unparalelled power the market power-which is capable to reverse the legal principle of equality of parties in civil law relations. In the author's opinion the following factors are decisive in respect of a facticiousenterpirise position on the market: the size of an enterprise, the level of market monopolization as well as a market type. The author indicates at the high degree of concentration of production in the Polish economy, at advocatinig the advantage of quantity production and at the fact of far reaching monopolization of the economy. The monopolistic tendencies are still visible in the presently implemented economic reform in Poland (further organizational concentration, vesting enterprises with particular rights and préférences,, as exclusivity rights, a cartel threat in the activity of enterprise associations etc.). The presently existing state of market disequilibrium (producer-seller market) coin also be a source of partacular priviledges and preferences' of the producers,, it resulted in generating peculiar market rules unpresedented in the activity of other branches of economy. On that market any producer-seller behaves or can behave as a typical monopolist. In the author's opinion, the antimonopolistic policy of the State cannot be limited to fighting or easing the results of damaging monopolistic practices. It should also be aimed removing monopolistic structures and positions which are socially and economically unjustified. Yet, securing the supply-demand equilibrium has a crucial effect for eliminating the producer's dictate.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 48, 1986, z. 4, s. 1-13






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