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    The School Experience of Arab LGBT Students in Israel
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Said, Anton
    The purpose of the research is to study the school experience of Arab Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender (LGBT) in the state of Israel from own point of view. The research question is: what is the school experience of Arab LGBT graduates of the Israeli educational system in high schools where the language of learning is Arabic? This is a quantitative research, based on a questionnaire completed by 51 Arab LGBT, graduates of the Israeli educational system. They attended high schools where the language of learning is Arabic; 69.8% (N=37) of them were completed by males, 28.3% (N=15) by females, and 1% (N=1) by transgender. 62.3% reported that their sexual inclination is homosexual, 22.6% lesbian, 13.2% bisexual, and transgender one (1%). The ages of the respondents range from 18 to 32. The research participants were recruited through the ‘snowball sample’ method. The initial request was made to my personal Facebook friends whom I knew were LGBT, and they disseminated the questionnaire to additional LGBT friends they knew. The questionnaire examined the school experience in general and their perception of the role of the Arab educational counselor particularly on the topic of the sexual orientation and sexual identity, attitudes towards LGBT students, and degree of the influence of traditional Arab society on his role as a school counselor whose role is to advise, help, and accompany all the students so as to integrate in the school and in society in the best possible way. 51 questionnaires were examined in three independent variables of respondents on which the research focuses: the sector to which the respondent’s school belongs, the respondent’s religion, and the school location.
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    The Effect of Attachment Styles on the Development of Eating Disorders Among Children and Adolescents
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Abdo, Areej
    This article seeks to examine the relationship between attachment styles in childhood and the development of eating disorders later in life. The assumption underlying the article is, the development of the social structure places considerable emphasis on eating as a way of socialization and a comfortable experience. A review of the research literature on the field documents a positive relationship between eating disorders, health problems and difficulties in family and interpersonal relationships.1 Therefore, it can be said that the assumption that the relationship between the attachment style of parents and children and eating is justified, since personal coping habits, especially attachment styles, are expressed to a certain extent in the specific eating behavior of the individual.
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    The Learning Community’s Program – a Fresh Approach to the Single Teacher
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Cohen-Brenner, Daphne
    Promoting physics studies depends highly on the teacher’s instruction quality. This paper re-examines the influence of participation in a learning community on the teacher’s professional development. As an outcome, improving his students’ physics learning abilities, in light of theories on the process of change, is obtained thanks to the teacher participating the progra Daphne Cohen Brenner is a physics teacher and district instructor in Israel, leading a professional learning community. The article is based on the Ph.D. thesis written at AMU University in the framework of doctoral studies in education.
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    ’Inquiry Physics’ Program for Students-Implementation of Inquiry Learning in the Physics Lessons in the High School in Israel
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Sigron, Michal
    Teaching of the Sciences recently emphasizes more than in the past the importance of the student’s experience in inquiry, in different places in the world in general and in Israel in particular. This article describes the process of scientific inquiry and the change of the perception of the role, both of the student and of the traditional teacher, in the performance of the inquiry process. The article presents different initiatives that integrate the learning of inquiry in the teaching of physics in the high school in Israel. These initiatives show that the inquiry laboratories have the potential to promote meaningful learning among the students, to increase the depth of their understanding of the scientific concepts and the understanding of the nature of science. The article focuses on ‘Inquiry Physics’ program for students and presents the goals, the target audience, the time framework, and the structure of this program. The program aims to assemble the different initiatives under one framework and to provide them with an appropriate place in the teaching of physics. The learning method of inquiry is now fledgling in the State of Israel and mainly in the knowledge realm of physics. Therefore, exposure to this program may contribute to the body of knowledge on the characteristics of learning and teaching through inquiry in general and on the teaching of physics in particular.
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    Jedna, wiele czy może żadna? Fenomenologia w naukach o wychowaniu. Wątki fenomenologiczne w naukach o wychowaniu – kontekst historyczny
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Piotrowski, Paweł
    The article presents and reflects on the presence of some phenomenological motifs in educational sciences research and investigations. The text focuses on historical, methodological and structural context of this connection. An attempt is made to assert qualification conditions for each of the answer options mentioned in the title, as possible answers to the question about the connection between phenomenology and educational science. An attempt to define reasons for each of the above answers is taken as well.
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    Odpowiedzialność zawodowa, a wprowadzanie uczniów klas IV szkoły podstawowej w świat historii. Oczekiwania społeczne, a codzienna rzeczywistość – wyniki obserwacji młodego nauczyciela
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Hurysz, Mateusz
    The teacher today works in close relationship with others, which forces him to accept a limited set of attitudes and ways of action. I assume for the purposes of this paper two groups of factors for the teacher modeling approach: external – pedagogical supervision and school-imposed regulations deriving from state teachers’ and society’s expectations, especially from parents and students themselves, the internal factors – the process of educating and teaching every teacher and crucial, long-term formation of conscience. Based on this specific quadrangle I will present the first stage of introducing a young man to the world of history at the second stage of compulsory education in Polish schools. The assumption is that a primary school teacher may encourage or discourage the student to continue learning history, both national and global, in the middle school or in the secondary school. This is a great responsibility, which even teachers themselves often forget. The article indicates how all of this corresponds to social expectations and what everyday reality for a young teacher is...
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    Właściwości stygmatu a sytuacja życiowa człowieka zagrożonego stygmatyzacją
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Świgost, Magdalena; Dąbrowska, Anna
    It is stated that the properties of stigma have the key role in perceiving social relations and own life situation by the person who is in danger of the process of social stigma. It is ccognitively interesting how agreeing to the process of social stigma is shown in terms of difficulty that is being activated by specific feature, pressing, in exceptional sense, on seeing and controling the stigma. This article contains the theoretical analysis of the process of social stigma in relation to its chosen features. There has been done an attempt to present mutual assorted interaction with the influence of blocking predicators or those restoring the process of social self-indicating and indicating.
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    Kompetencje komunikacyjne nauczycieli
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Strykowska-Nowakowska, Justyna
    The article discusses the problem of teachers’ communicative competences and presents it from both the theoretical and empirical perspective. The first part of the article helps understand the communication process and defines teachers’ communicative styles at school and barriers for pedagogical communication. The second part presents the results of diagnostic research on selected teachers’ communicative competences. The research problems included: How do teachers understand the communication process at school, and what are the factors determining its level? What communicative styles do teachers use? What are the barriers in communication between teachers and students? The article concludes with remarks and postulates.
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    Reforma szkolna z roku 2016 – troska o ucznia czy innowacja na zamówienie polityczne
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Rondalska, Dorota
    This article is devoted to the school reform of December 2016. The author discusses its appropriateness, the way it is introduced, and the social climate that accompanies it. This reform re-introduces the state from before 1998, i.e. an 8-year-long primary school and eliminates the junior school. The author raises a question about the justification for the reform, assuming that it does not take into account the results of the study on the effects of the 1999 reform, but may be politically-motivated. Another thesis concerns the repetition of the application errors of the previous reform as well as the formal way of introducing changes into the school system, especially the school network. The author points to a great social resistance against the reform, especially the way it is conducted and predicts that due to the hasty implementation of the reform and application errors, its effects may be half-hearted.
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    In Defense of Human Identity: the Reality of Globalization as the Cause of Modernization of Modern Educational Systems
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Markiewicz, Elżbieta
    The article In Defense of Human Identity: the Reality of Globalization as the Cause of Modernization of Modern Educational Systems is an attempt to reflect on the role of the educational process in the context of the value system offered in the modern world. It appears that authentic human participation in the reality of global and involuntary compliance with the directives of globalism is both a crisis of identity, of its existence, values, norms, and all human activities. Efforts taken to demonstrate the value of dogma, which carries with it an affirmation of the modern world, and conformist standards of conduct, is to notice the risk of objective truth about man and reality. Civilization implies in fact a kind of order to eradicate what is human. The human drama shows an almost total devotion to the values of functionalism and utility. Therefore, it is vital for modern education to return to the personal dimension of human existence. This accomplishment, a full range of education, which means clarifying the challenges confronting it, is only possible with recognizing and highlighting the personal status of the man based on the personalistic norm. This article helps the contemporary human being to realize the importance of learning to respect human dignity and to protect the identity of a mature man.
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    Współczesne studia doktoranckie i współcześni doktoranci. Doniesienia ze zwiadu badawczego
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Banaszak, Sławomir; Andrys, Magdalena; Dolata, Dorota; Iwanicka, Beata; Schmidt, Anna; Ulaniecka, Natalia
    The article presents the results of a research study on the situation of contemporary post-graduate students. Focus group interviews helped obtain post-graduate students’ opinions about the conditions of starting and continuing doctoral studies. The discussion focused on three main topics: motivation to start doctoral studies, the quality and conditions of doctoral studies evaluation, and the advantages and disadvantages of undertaking doctoral studies. Analysis of the respondents’ statements shows that the motivations for starting doctoral studies vary strongly. Common in the experience of the interlocutors is a lack of stability in life (including financialstability), insecurity of employment, overload, and stress. However, post-graduate students presented also positive aspects of doctoral studies, e.g.: social prestige or the possibility of development. The last part of the article describes issues related to problems and pathological phenomena (such as ‘punctasis’/‘points, credits collecting’), pointing to systemic and individual limitations affecting the situation of doctoral students in the Polish tertiary education system.
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    Theory and Practice of Political Socialization in Childhood – Democracy vs. Neoliberalism
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Hildebrandt-Wypych, Dobrochna
    The text focuses on the efficiencyof school as one of the key agents of political socialization of early childhood students. Using the conceptual framework of J. Astuto and M.D. Ruck, a question is posed of how to effectively develop prosocial skills of children and therefore how to shape their later willingness to engage in civic actions in youth. According to various scholars, prosocial skills, such as respect for others’ feelings, helping, sharing and cooperating with others, have to be nurtured through classroom-based play. Unfortunately, in the age of neoliberal dominance of standardized tests, civic education is deemed less important, with an excessive focus on civic knowledge and the insufficien (not testable) focus on civic skills. In reference to research results (e.g. C. Flanagan and L.S. Gallay), the author of the article points out that democratic competence does not simply emerge as a result of top-down transmission of knowledge. The process of normative (moral) development in childhood knowledge of political facts is significantlyless important than the child’s social experience of civic participation and cooperation. Contrary to the neoliberal tendencies in educational reforms, democracy-learning – as pointed out by numerous studies – should be based on the development of a ‘democratic self’ (values, patterns of behavior, habits), prior to the development of political knowledge. Knowledge should be treated as a second important element of school political socialization of children. The primary focus should be the school’s commitment to the development of children’s democratic attitudes.
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    Geneza i rozwój subkultury hipisów w Stanach Zjednoczonych (wybrane konteksty)
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Mrozek, Justyna
    The aim of this article is to present the socio-cultural context of the development of the hippie subculture. The author definesthe term ‘subculture’, describes the ideology and the lifestyle of hippies and presents a typology of its members. The text shows that the hippie movement was the fruit of its time but was also related to the social phenomena from the past and continues to be an inspiration for the present.
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    Kształcenie policjantów w Stanach Zjednoczonych (wybrane podejścia i tendencje)
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Andraszczyk, Wojciech
    The article reconstructs selected contexts of police training in the United States of America. The narration concentrates on the historical origins of police training as well as on the dominant relevant trends in presentday American society. Furthermore, the paper seeks to compare the two ways of thinking about police training which influencethe training programs in police academies. The author presents methods of shaping the identity of policemen, the firstof which is a military model and the second one is an academic model. The text focuses moreover on the evolution of the operating system of the American police: from intervention-oriented to a community-oriented model, which is constantly gaining importance in some police training programs.
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