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    Exposure to Electronic Media and Its Influenceon Sleep among Jewish and Arab Adolescents
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Salah abo Ganim, Sondos Ali
    Sleep is important to physical and mental development. Studies show that adolescents suffer from electronic media exposure-related inadequate and non-quality sleep. In Israel, traditional, conserva-tive Arab society is undergoing a modernization process with exposure to the Western lifestyle and Israeli Jewish culture. This comparative cross-sectional study compared electronic media exposure’s impact on sleep in secular Jewish and Arab society in Israel, involving 229 middle and high school adolescents, 118 Arabs and 111 Jews. Research tools were the School Sleep Habits Survey (SSHS) and a sociodemographic questionnaire. Jewish adolescents are more exposed to electronic media than are Arab adolescents only during mid-week. Weak but significantcorrelations were found between late night use of electronic media and sleep duration; increased exposure to television (r = -0.17, p = .01), mobile telephone r = -0.21, p = .002), and tablet (r = -0.14, p = .02) related to shorter sleep duration and longer sleep latency mid-week in both groups and later weekend wake-up time. Arab adolescents are sleepier during the day and have more sleep-related behavior problems. As electronic media exposure rises, sleep duration shortens, and sleep time is postponed in both cultures. Exposure to electronic media is higher among Jewish adolescents. Boys sleep longer than girls during the week (a difference of nearly an hour).
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    Integration in the Educational System in Israel and Its Influenceon Social Stratificationin a Changing World
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Franco, Manor Sali
    Among the phenomena that characterize modern society it is possible to note the appearance of complex political, occupational, and sectorial systems of status and the weakening of the ‘class’ factor in its ideological meaning. The main result of this development was the steadily increasing conflictbetween, on the one hand, the trends of economic development and the new centers of power and, on the other hand, the mobility of new groups. All the groups competed among themselves over the additions of income, accessibility to economic resources, and positions of influencein the government system as well as over the creation of autonomous frameworks. An important part in these sectorial formations is related to the positioning of education in the entire stratifiedsystem. The statement that the extension of education has not resulted in the reduction of social gaps in the professional field,especially between employees, is correct, yet conversely it did drive a process of change in the evaluation of different subjects and a change in the perception of education as a necessary state of specialization. This aspect constitutes an important factor in the processing of the stratifiedmap and in the formation of the class awareness. The education systems, which are the main organizations to inculcate education, can determine who is qualifiedand who is not qualifiedto filldifferent employment roles; they have become the main device for the achievement of social and economic status.
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    Characteristics of Democracy and Humanism in Janusz Korczak’s Legacy
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Marhaim, Tsipi
    In this article the author discusses the revolutionary and unique democratic-humanistic educational approach of Janusz Korczak (1878-1942), which emphasized the fundamental values of the human being concentrated on children and concerning their rights. The author presents democracy as a societal way of life, as practiced by Korczak, Wilczyńska and Falska. They administered their orphanages democratically, as expressed in Korczak’s writings. Social and moral education is presented through a social lifestyle based on fundamental principles of democratic education in the spirit of Korczak. The article also examines the characteristics of democracy itself in the historical perspective and in relation to Korczak’s democratic and humanistic approach. Humanism and democracy as regulators of social life can be greatly inspiring for teachers, educators and parents involved in the process of child education.
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    Aspects of Tracking in the Schools as a Factor of Risk and Exclusion of Students
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Israel, Lili
    The tracking of students in the schools is a topic that obligates social and educational reference. This is a fieldthat exposes gaps and contradictions regarding the possibilities and intentions of parts of Israeli society. It is difficultto definewho is being talked about. In addition, it is difficultto separate between or limit the reference to the single student as a real and feeling subject and the desire of the system for a child as a product of education. It is difficultto describe a general picture without forgetting the individuals in it, the students, when the relationship between the tracking, the dropping out, and the exclusion is unavoidable.This article is an attempt to examine the argument presented in research studies that the gaps between different groups in the population derive from the policy of tracking in education from the establishment of the State of Israel until today and that this policy is intentional. The way that the school as an organization acts and the topics with which it copes can be explained in social policy and in the sociological rationale that characterizes society in Israel.Which social and educational policy serves the tracking of students and why, despite the data and the numbers that indicate a large gap, is the topic of tracking not present in the educational discussion? I seek to assert that research in the field is insufficient and thait is necessary to place the topic on the agenda and conduct an educational discussion.
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    Teaching Culture Through ICT in a Postmodern World – (Un)Used Possibilities of New Technologies
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Sikorska, Joanna
    Teaching culture of foreign countries was until recently done by traditional means i.e. movies, letters sent by post to schools in other countries or by means of a textbook. Now, when schools are getting more computerized, certain elements of teaching have been revolutionized. They include, for example, culture teaching, which received a new meaning through the use of eTwinning. Because of it, teachers and students can communicate much easier through the platform, Facebook or by e-mail with other schools from the EU that are in this program. They can take part in projects with other schools and learn the cultural differences between their countries together. In this article I try to point out the challenges which multicultural ICT use can bring to education.
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    Changes in the Educational Practice in Kindergartens in the Czech Republic
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Burkovičová, Radmila
    Relatively extensive changes are currently taking place in the system of preschool education in the Czech Republic, which will mainly affect the educational landscape of kindergartens. A personality--oriented model of preschool education requires a considerate, understanding and helping approach to each child. The joint education of all children, where inclusion occurs for certain children who were excluded from children’s communities in the past, is happening within the context of Czech and international legislation. Supporting measures are provided to children where required. However, such measures may ultimately also benefit the teacher
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    Zbiorowe pisanie biografii jako metoda uczenia się o sobie, o innych, o świecie
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Zbróg, Zuzanna
    The article presents an example of poststructuralist interpretation of biography episode written by students on the topic: “Becoming someone”. The poststructuralist analysis focuses on the perception of the subject-in-process, requires destabilization ofrational stable andunifiedconcepts.It aims at researching the functions and results of regularities of a process in case of author’s own research – the process of becoming a teacher in classes I-III. People engaged in CBW have a chance to understand their own situation by trying to answer the questions concerning what we really know about ourselves and the reality. The article discusses chosen theoretical assumptions and elements of the methodological procedure applied in the method of collective biography writing. The article is closed with remarks for the work with students which were verifiedin practice. This may help other researchers when they start working with this method.
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    Horticultural Therapy and Gardening – Comparison of Dimensions
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Gulczyńska, Anna
    There is growing attention to findand popularize untypical forms of therapy which should help patients in hospitals, occupational facilities and clinics. The main aim of the article is to show the differences between horticultural therapy as a form of therapy and work in a garden, which can also provide therapeutic results. Comparison of different determinants was a method to outline that proper understanding of the differences may be beneficialboth for theoreticians and practitioners who use nature in order to improve their patients’ health. However, it is useful for future teachers and could play a role in the teacher education process. As a conclusion, it has been established that source literature scientificreports focus rather on potential recipients or benefitswhich come from this form of therapy, whereas basic differences between gardening and horticultural therapy have been rarely mentioned. Analysis has helped to observe that there are many factors which differentiate therapeutic work in the garden from work in the garden which can bring therapeutic effects. Performing such an analysis seems to be significantin connection with the growing popularity of centers which offer this kind of therapy, and with the emergent dilemmas concerning how it differs from gardening and whether the therapy is worth the money invested in it.
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    Analiza metodyki postępowania w procesach rekrutacji pracowników naukowych
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Walczak, Waldemar
    The purpose of this article is to present a multifaceted analysis concerning methodology proceedin-gs in recruitment procedures for researchers. Theoretical considerations are complemented by concusions of an empirical study. The role of scientificinstitutions and values applicable in the scientificcommunity in light of popularized theories are analyzed first.Additionally, reference is made to the principles enshrined in the code of ethics of Poland’s National Research and Development Centre.Then are discussed recommended patterns of conduct which have been recorded in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, paying particu-lar attention to issues relating to openness and fairness of proceedings and equal treatment.The next part of the work discusses legal regulations applicable to the employment of academics at Polish universities. It looks closely into the differences that apply to employees at public and private universities, which can be considered from the point of view of legal provisions relating to the prin-ciple of equal treatment enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.The subsequent part of study is devoted to the conclusions of an empirical study covering the compe-tition proceedings relating to the employment of academic staff at public universities. The methodo-logy of the examination procedure is thoroughly explained and interim research questions concerning the specific issues and problems closely related to the analyzed subject are presented
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    Prostytucja i cyberprostytucja jako zagrożenie dla młodych ludzi – raport z badań
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Górka, Marek
    The subject of cyberprostitution reflectsthe growing number of socio-political problems stemming from the dynamic development of cybertechonology and its expansion into every area of human life. In the age of cyberrevolution, there is an increase in the number of pornographic social networking sites. The sex industry quickly adopted all new information technologies to increase young people’s access to pornography. As a result of the link between the internet and the sex industry, the border be-tween the current phenomenon of prostitution and its form in cyberspace has blurred. This article, based on the study, discusses the main motivational factors that contribute to the growth of prostitution. The differences between prostitution in the real and virtual worlds are also indicated. The purpose of the study is moreover to show some disturbing phenomena that may have a negative impact – not only on the emotional development of man – but also on shaping future civil society.
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    Adultyzm – uprzedzenia przeciwko młodym ludziom
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Jankowiak, Barbara
    The article analyses adultism, or prejudice against children and young people as singled out of ageism, i.e. prejudice on grounds of age. Adultism involves a stereotypical perception of and approach to younger members of the society solely because they are young. Scientifictheories on young people and adolescence have transformed from those stressing the negative features of teenagers themselves and seeing adolescence as the “most difficult”development stage to those which highlight the potential of young people and the coming-of-age period as one of many equally important stages of life. Analysis of relevant literature and studies indicates that there is a need to fillthe gap both in the theoretical approach to adultism and in studies of prejudice against young people.
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    Wokół kategorii „uczestnictwa” – rozważania w perspektywie myśli społecznej Karola Wojtyły
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Ecler-Nocoń, Beata
    This study analyzes the usefulness of the theory of participation as put forth by Karol Wojtyła. The author describes two dimensions of participation in the community: the first“me” “others” and the second: “us”. The article shows the constructive mechanisms of community development such as dialogue, solidarity and opposition and the patterns which impede development of communities and men, such as conformism and alienation. In the conclusions, the author postulates implementing Karol Wojtyła’s theory of participation in education.
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