Przegląd Antropologiczny, 1988, vol. 54

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    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988)
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    Wysklepienie stopy a sprawność fizyczna dzieci w młodszym wieku szkolnym
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Ignasiak, Zofia; Kurowska, Janina
    TI IE . FOOT Ar c h a n d t h e PHYSICAL EFFICIENCY o f c h il d r e n IN THE YOUNGER SCHOOL AGE were investigated. On the basis of continuous studies, the authors observed, the increase of the Clarke’s angle in urban children in the age of 7-9 years. Relations were found between the longitudinal arcli of the foot and selected motoric properties. The description includes also the basic morphological.characteristics, i. e. the stature and body weight.
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    Polska antropologia u schyłku XX wieku — kierunki i tendencje rozwoju jej społecznych funkcji
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Drozdowski, Zbigniew
    POLISH ANTHROPOLOGY TOWARDS THE END OF THE 20th CENTURY - DIRECTIONS AND TRENDS OF DEVELOPMENT OF ITS SOCIAL FUNCTIONS. Major trends of development of Polish anthropology were presented and its social functions with regard to the transformations of the Polish population.
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    Budowa ciała uczniów technikum i traktorzystów
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Gościcka, Danuta; Klaus, Ewa
    BODY BUILD OF POLYTECHNIC PUPILS AND TRACTOR DRIVERS. The weight-and-height Rohrer’s index was calculated for 102 pupils of the Polytechnic for Agiculture Mechanization and 160 tractor drivers employed in state-owned farms.* It was found out that with age the pupils developed a tendency towards an athletic body build, whereas the tractor drivers with the passage of years of work a tendency towards a pyknic body build.
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    Analiza zmian w rozwoju cech somatycznych i motorycznych młodzieży akademickiej zbadanej w odstępie dziesięciu lat
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Chlebicka, Elżbieta
    ANALYSIS OF CHANGES IN TOE DEVELOPMENT OF SOMATIC AND MOTORIC TRAITS IN ACADEMIC YOUTH EXAMINED 10 YEARS APART. Significant differences were found in the parameters of fatness which are bigger in males. Within the period of ten years the general physical; ability in men and women did not change much.'The biggest differences were found in endurance and agility.
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    Zmiany zręczności manualnej w rozwoju osobniczym
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Nowicki, Grzegorz
    CHANGES IN MANUAL DEXTERITY IN ONTOGENESIS. 8,509 males and 9,680 females were examined to discover the changes'in manual dexterity during ontogenesis. The research was carried out in the Bydgoskie, Toruńskie, and , Włocławskie1 voivodships.
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    Tasting ability to PTC: Some methodological considerations
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Tyagi, D.; Ghosh, R.
    Methods of research on taste sensitivity were reviewed. Attention was drawn to incompatible ways of preparing and making the tests and as a' result'to .the 'incompatibility of the results
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    Listewki skorne streiy podpalcowej st6p u ludnosci Polski pdlnocnej
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Buchwald, Wiesław
    DERMATOGLYPHIC TRAITS OF THE SUB-TOE AREA OF SOLES IN THE POPULATION OF NORTHERN POLAND. The frequencies of occurrence of patterns in five fields of the sub-toe area of soles in 1,600 men and 1,600 women from 15 voivodships of northern Poland were demonstrated. The bilateral and intersexual differences were examined and the obtained results compared with the pattern frequencies in the population from central and south-eastern Poland.
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    Korelacje pomiędzy wzorami listewek skórnych na opuszkach palców rąk
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Moszczyński, Jarosław
    CORRELATIONS BETWEEN DERMATOGLYPHIC PATTERNS ON FINGER BULBS. Attention was focused on,correlations between four basic types of dermatoglyphic patterns on finger bulbs of 3,100 men. The dominating associations were found in homologous and neighbouring fingers. The most strongly correlated group of patterns proved to be whirls (W) which moreover constituted the only group to reveal no positive relations with the other types of patterns, namely arches (A), ulnar loops (Lu), and radial loops (Lj.).
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    Określenie wieku osobniczego na podstawie zębów
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Otocki, Piotr
    AGE DETERMINATION BASED ON TEETH. The set of dental traits traditionally used for identification purposes due to their high correlation with age include the attrition of the crown, periodontic changes, apposition of the secondary dentin and root cement, resorption and translueency of the root. The work puts forward a proposal to add a new trait, i. e. width of the root canal. The new trait is particularly useful for the examination of the fossil material/
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    Z badań nad wpływem czynników pozągenetycznych na rozwój płodu oraz ich udziału *w przyczynach urodzeń martwych
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Cieślik, Krystyna; Waszak, Małgorzata
    TRYING TO DESCRIBE THE INFLUENCE OF PARAGENEnC FACTORS ON THE FETUS DEVELOPMENT. Fragment of investigations on the problem of selection influence revealing its factors, the range and type of influence that shape fetus development of human being.
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    Charakteiystyka serologiczna populacji wsi Wielkie Drogi w pobliżu Krakowa
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Swomowsfd, Piotr
    SEROLOGICAL CHARACTERISTIC OF THE POPULATION OF WIELKCE DROGI VILLAGE NEAR CRACOW was made on the material of 83 persons of both sexes. The ABO, Rh(D) and Kell systems were examined. The frequencies of genes and phenotypes were evalusted and then the genetic intervals were computed for the investigated group in relation to other populations from Poland, Ukraine and Moravia.
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    Specyfika materiału prosektoryjnegó płodów ludzkich w świetle danych o matkach tych płodów
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Bożiłow, Władimir; Sawicki, Konstanty; Kurlej, Wiesław
    THE SPECIFICITY OF HUMAN FOETUSES IN THE LIGHT OF DATA CONCERNING THEIR MOTHERS was investigated basing on clinical anamneses from the mothers of 500 foetuses and 6000 viable newborns.' The analysis included the age of the mothers, their profession, age at menarche, length and regularity of. the menstruation cycles and birth intervals.
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    Stan rozwoju fizycznego ludności wsi Wielkie Drogi w przedziale wieku 2-80 lat
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Henneberg, Maciej; Pezacka, Małgorzata
    PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE POPULATION OF THE VILLAGE WIELKIE DROGI IN THE 2-80 AGE INTERVAL. The ontogenesis of metrical traits may be described by means of logistic curves. A
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    Rozwój dziewcząt afrykańskich w okresie pokwitania w zróżnicowanych wârunkach środowiskowych
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Kolasa, Ewa
    GROWTH OF AFRICAN' GIRLS DURING ADOLESCENCE IN VARIED ENVIRONMENTAL ONDIHONS.'Using the data found in literature'and collected by the author, the growth of girls representing irious environments and social strata from Zaire, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Gambia/ and Somalia is discussed, king into account body height and weight and the age at menarche. An attempt is made to assess the secular end in thé development'of Zairean and Nigerian girls.
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    Uwagi do problemu określenia wieku płodów i noworodków
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Gworys, Bohdan
    REMARKS ON THE PROBLEM OF AGE DETERMINATION IN FETUSES AND NEWBORNS. The determination of the exact moment of conception is burdened with an error, and; the moment of birth does not indicate to the same degree of development of the newborns. These facts as well as the specificity of the material on which the investigation of fetal growth is based result in numerous methodological problems in research on ontogenesis of the prenatal period.
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    Wyniki badań antropologicznych materiałów z cmentarzyska na Ostrowie Lednickim
    (Polskie Towarzystwo Antropologiczne, 1988) Kaźmierowska, Beata
    RESULTS OF ANTHROPOLOGICAL EXAMINATION OF THE MATERIAL FROM THE CEMETERY IN OSTÓW LEDNICKI. The work refers to the research carried out in 1978 and 1983-1985 on a series of 78 skeletons dating back to the 12th-13th centuries. The similarity between the series and the material excavacated in 1932-1935 was examined.
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