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Title: Translation as a human skill. From predisposition to expertise
Authors: Whyatt, Bogusława
Keywords: translation
knowledge integration
developmental continuum
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM
Citation: Whyatt Bogusława, Translation as a human skill. From predisposition to expertise. Adam Mickiewicz University Press. Poznań 2012, pp. 445.
Series/Report no.: Filologia Angielska;38
Abstract: The book explores translation as a human skill in its evolutionary perspective from the predisposition to translate to translation expertise. By assuming that the human mind is intrinsically a translating mind all people who know two languages are able to translate but only some develop their natural ability into a more refined skill, fewer choose to acquire translation competence, and few attain the level of expertise. Starting with a thorough analysis of the bilingual foundations on which translation as a human skill is built the natural ability is analyzed and followed by an up-to-date account of translation as a trained skill with the underlying translation competence. To account for the developmental nature of translation as a skill a suggestion is made that the acquisition of translation expertise can be seen as a process of learning to integrate knowledge for the purpose of translating. While natural translators integrate only their bilingual knowledge professional translators build a Knowledge Integration Network (KIN) in which all the knowledge relevant for a task at hand is integrated and ready for use. The theoretical assumptions are put to an empirical test with research tools including a battery of questionnaires and Translog, a computer software program which allows to analyze the translation process without compromising its ecological validity. The subjects include translators at various stages on the developmental continuum. It is hoped that the conclusions and implications will raise awareness of the developmental nature of translation as a human skill, and thus challenge the common misconceptions.
ISBN: 978-83-232-2504-1
ISSN: 0554-8144
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