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Title: Für einen stärkeren Eirlsatz der visuellen Komponente in der Präparation giottodidaktischer Materialien
Authors: ZYDROŃ, Janusz
Issue Date: 1986
Publisher: Wydawcnictwo Naukowe UAM
Citation: Glottodidactica vol. 18, 1986, pp. 59-75
Abstract: The following paper discusses the role and the function of visual elements {iconic elements, text visualisation and signal elements used as an organizer of the FLT-process) and of their components such as colour, motion, opposition,. typography and layout in the preparation of glottodidactic materials. The analysis deals mainly with textbook materials and the phase of the presentation of new material. The discussion proved great usefulness of visual elements for the preparation of glottodidactic materials, particularly in the aspect of the increase of retaining effects and their easy integrity in textbook materials. Taking account of their supralingual communicativeness, the personal relevancy of visual impressions, the redundant, for the FTL-process profitable, nature of visual elements and their, consisting in objectivity, interpretative relation to the verbal contents as well as considering their situational text completion and their culture-and realia-cognitive value, the author postulates a wider exploitation of visual elements in the preparation of glottodidactic materials.
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