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Title: Proces wdrażania egzaminu maturalnego w opinii maturzystów liceów technicznych – rocznik 2003
Other Titles: The process of implementation of the Matura examination in the opinion of technical secondary school graduates – the class of 2003
Authors: Kust, Izabella
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM w Poznaniu
Citation: Neodidagmata, nr 27/28, 2004/2005, s. 79-94
Abstract: The main objective of the doctoral Ph.D. was to analyse the process of the changes in the Matura examination at technical secondary schools. The research work took place in 58 technical secondary schools, located in the Mazowsze region. The old and new Matura examinations were organized in the years 1999–2002. In fact, 8 technical secondary schools (13.79% of all technical secondary schools located in the Mazowsze region) took part in the research. The new Matura examinations were organised at the above mentioned schools. In the years 2001–2002 the 368 teachers worked at the technical secondary schools and 98 teachers (26.63%) of all employed) participated in the research. In the same period there were 337 pupils in the technical secondary schools who wanted to pass the Matura examination. In fact, 272 pupils (80.71%) participated in the research. In the years 2002–2003 13 teachers (3.53%) and 268 pupils (85.62%) of the technical secondary schools participated in the research. As a result, the problems of the research were answered and the hypotheses were confirmed.
ISBN: 83-232-1602-9
ISSN: 0077-653X
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