Zmiany w zakresie realizacji zadań rozwojowych wczesnej dorosłości w trzech pokoleniach dorosłych Polaków (w zakresie danych biograficznych i oczekiivanego doświadczenia).

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Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM

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Changes in the realization of developmental tasks of early adulthood in three generations of adult Poles (in terms of biographical data and expected experience)


In the presented study not only the area of changes was being searched but also the scope of similarities occurring within generations. The areas of possible intergenerational differences that were taken into consideration in the analysis, included: marital status, level of education, place of residence, professional activity, number of children and expected age of a young adult to realize the most primary tasks characteristic for early adulthood, for instance starting to work or having a child. In the research participated 411 people from 109 families. Recognised areas of differences among all generations concerned the level of education, number of children and place of residence. The answers of the representatives of the three generations were the same as to the expected time of having the first child and gaining professional stabilisation. The similarities and differences that were noticed show not only the intergenerational distinction but also give the base as to the search and recognition of culture change or stabilisation indicators.





Roczniki Socjologii Rodziny, 2010, tom 20, s. 109-129.



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