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    Atrakcyjność instytucji małżeństwa ive współczesnych społeczeństwach
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Żurek, Aldona
    In today's modem societies the number of people who get married is constantly decreasing. Choosing alternative life-styles, such as singlehood or cohabitation causes changes in the demographic structure. Rejecting marriage lifestyle is also affecting such areas as the economy, social policy, education and the functioning of primary groups. Still, a large proportion of the population of people under forty years of age choose to marry. This means that the institution has to offer both men and women many benefits. Sociological theories explaining this phenomenon refers to the functional utility of marriages. It has both a purely individual and social character. The benefits that a spouse achieves have the financial, material and prestigious nature. The advantage of marriage is also that it is the most important expression of feelings and emotions.
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    Bycie singlem jako nowa koncepcja życia i alternatywa wobec małżeństwa
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Falcman, Daniel; Koperski, Łukasz
    Concept of single is a one of the most important among family and love areas' s structural forms in our times. This is a one of way deciding about himself by social object in this aspect. This is a stigma of post-modernity definied as social-cultural formation with lots of consequences for family, too. Innovation in norms and values'es area which are post-modernity's differentia specifica, start participation in generating family's concepts. It is interesting how human needs of affiliation remain unchanged-they are constons- different start being cultural ways of express these universal needs. Authors try to give a reconstruction of single's social-cultural figure. They present it in more general context changes of modernity. Single would be a topos, a dignity of post-modern manifestations.Nuclear family, stereotypes about sex, traditional differences in roles in family which remain unchanged in social-cultural area generally, begin modernizing from a reason of single-solitary from decisions exactly, 'solitary' does not mean 'unhappy', but deciding about their life consciously and evaluate life-elements again. Single engaged by job-activities, who does not want to be static-but be dynamic-with change's wish and exhibiting being an object, so individuality, does not want make relationships. He does not like traditional ways of sex and their roles in relationships, especially. Realized alternative, start being common, begin subjugating areas of old family's concepts very bravely. This what yesterday was a priori become an object of contestation and creative changes. Social-cultural practice of single start mirroring theoretical discourse of postmodernism, become proving reality of theoretical speculation's ambivalence. It comes clear post-structuralists's opinions-with their banner Foucault's reconstruction of history of sexuality-are not thought's fun only, but they have real social representations. Authors are not satisfied from thought's level only. They transfer discourse into reconstruction of research result's level expediently, showing by this way single's figure exploited a lot in post-structural philosophies is an object of legal empirical sociology's discourse.
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    Zalety i wady żyda w pojedynkę w percepcji młodych dorosłych nie posiadających partnera życiowego
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Palus, Katarzyna
    The research field of this paper are the advantages and disadvantages of singlehood in young adult singles' perception. This subject, surprisingly, arouses greater interest among sociologists and demographers than among psychologists. The consequences of this state of affairs is that information about the psychological issues of the nevermarried population is limited. The goal of the study was to see the advantages and disadvantages of in young adults' perception. This research so called narrative-biographical interviews proposed by Schiitze was conducted with 36 participants not having partners (22 women and 14 men) in the age of 21-30 years. Participants' responses were grouped into five categories referring to advantages of being singled. I called these categories as follows: (1) "Independence and freedom", (2) "Time for myself", (3) "No emotional sacrifice", (4) "No advantages ", (5) "Fewer expenses". The participants' responses were also grouped into five categories referring to disadvantages of being singled. I called these categories as follows: (1) "The lack of emotional and physical closeness", (2) Lonely , (3) "No disadvantages", (4) "The pressure of environment ", The main conclusion of this study is that in young adults singles' perception it is hard to indicate exclusively there are only advantages and disadvantages of their singlehood. This situation is related both with advantages and disadvantages and we cannot state that singlehood means only bright or dark sides of life.
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    Czy ulegając nastolatyzacji zachowamy młodość?
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Wrzesień, Witold
    During last few decades youth became one of the most important social values, but also a product modifying our life in consumerist capitalism. The cult of the youth became the norm not only in the mass media and advertising world. Today almost all of us, despite getting old, try to remain young, look young and feel young, but could not always admit that. Cultivation of youth features among contemporary adults leads to the question: are modern western societies younger or not fully grown-up? Presented article is therefore an attempt to propose first few suggestions how to solve mentioned problem.
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    Zmiany w zakresie realizacji zadań rozwojowych wczesnej dorosłości w trzech pokoleniach dorosłych Polaków (w zakresie danych biograficznych i oczekiivanego doświadczenia).
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Farnicka, Marzanna
    In the presented study not only the area of changes was being searched but also the scope of similarities occurring within generations. The areas of possible intergenerational differences that were taken into consideration in the analysis, included: marital status, level of education, place of residence, professional activity, number of children and expected age of a young adult to realize the most primary tasks characteristic for early adulthood, for instance starting to work or having a child. In the research participated 411 people from 109 families. Recognised areas of differences among all generations concerned the level of education, number of children and place of residence. The answers of the representatives of the three generations were the same as to the expected time of having the first child and gaining professional stabilisation. The similarities and differences that were noticed show not only the intergenerational distinction but also give the base as to the search and recognition of culture change or stabilisation indicators.
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    Chodzenie ze sobą, spanie ze sobą, mieszkanie ze sobą. Młodzieńcze relacje uczuciowe i obyczajowość przedślubna
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Iwona, Przybył
    The aim of this article concentrates on the presentation of what do young Polish people mean by the term marriage and what is their acceptation for premarital sexual behaviors and premarital cohabitation. The author tries to answer are there typical dating and courtship development patterns and how do changes of the premarital customs, like having sexual relations, affect future relations between wives and husbands. This paper is based on literature and the results of the author's study carried out in 2007 and 2008.
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    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Kotlarska-Michalska, Anna
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    Rodzicielstwo z perspektywy rodziców dziecka pełnosprawnego i niepełnosprazimego intelektualnie
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Bakiera, Lucyna; Stelter, Żaneta
    It has been assumed in the article that parenthood is one of the basic fields of activity of adults which makes it possible to fulfil essential needs and constitutes an important element of their sense of identity. On the basis of the conducted research it was attempted to make a psychological analysis of motherhood and fatherhood from the perspective of adult people playing parent roles to fully fit children and those with limited mental abilities. The attitude towards parenthood is primal in relation to parental attitude understood as a relation to a particular child and its behaviour. The reported results, proving dominance of positive attitude towards motherhood and fatherhood, show that the child and its intellectual condition affect the perception of parenthood which in the case of care of a handicapped child is exposed to a series of specific difficult situations.
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    Rodzinne i społeczno-kulturowe uwarunkowania zaburzeń psychicznych. Analiza z perspektywy płci społeczno-kulturoioej
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Frąckowiak-Sochańska, Monika
    This article deals with social, cultural and family context of mental disorders. The author carries out her research from the perspective of gender studies, which is crucial regarding epidemiological statistical data and clinical observation. According to these two sources of information, there are several disorders "typical" for women (like: depression, anorexia, bulimia, anxiety disorders, histrionic personality disorder, dependent personality disorder and anxiety personality disorder) and for men (addictions to psychoactive substances, schizoid personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder). Symptoms of these mental diseases fit to stereotypes of men and women. That's why the symptoms can be interpreted in categories of "side effects" of socialization to nonflexible gender roles, which narrows opportunities of one's development.
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    Bariery rozwoju pracy socjalnej w pomocy społecznej w perspektyivie systemowej. Przykład pracy socjalnej z rodziną
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Trawkowska, Dobroniega
    The article aims at answering the questions: what can and should be done, what does social work with the family, so entangled in numerous barriers, need? Social work, including social work with the family, requires good strategies. These can be in the form of organisational solutions that help to bridge rescue and prevention. These can also be a skilful combination of therapy and social and cultural activities; they can a planned form of support for other traditional methods in social work. They can refer to the enlargement of the system of professional support from professional helpers. They can create a generic framework for activities in the form of good local strategies and family support programmes.
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    Perspektywa transwersalna w badaniu rodziny ryzyka i wsparciu społecznym m rzecz dziecka i rodziny
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Kantowicz, Ewa
    Family at the beginning of the XXI century has been influenced by many social risk and at the same time has been an object of scientific interests of socio-humanistic sciences, becoming also a subject of social support under Welfare systems. The exact example of the family, is family at risk, dysfunctional family, pathological family, having been researched by many sociologists, pedagogues, social politicians and social workers. The paper is an attempt to describe transversality as an interesting concept of research and social support for the family at risk. The aim of the discourse is to analyze transversal approach in theoretical and methodological prospective for exploration of family environment and to show possible interdisciplinary or multiprofessional approach in socioeducational activity with and for the family at risk.
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    Wyobrażenia młodzieży o małżeństwie i rodzinie - pomiędzy tradycją a nowoczesnością (recenzja)
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Świątkiewicz-Mośny, Maria
    Recenzja książki: Leon Dyczewski, Wyobrażenia młodzieży o małżeństwie i rodzinie - pomiędzy tradycją a nowoczesnością, Wydawnictwo KUL, Lublin 2009.
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    Zofia Kawczyńska-Butrym, Wyzwania rodziny: zdrowie, choroba, niepełnospraiuność, starość (recenzja)
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Trawkowska, Dobroniega
    Recenzja książki: Zofia Kawczyńska-Butrym, Wyzwania rodziny: zdrowie, choroba, niepełnospraiuność, starośćWydawnictwo Makmed, Lublin 2008.
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