Bycie singlem jako nowa koncepcja życia i alternatywa wobec małżeństwa

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Making singles in society - alternative in accordance with marriage and families, as new style of life


Concept of single is a one of the most important among family and love areas' s structural forms in our times. This is a one of way deciding about himself by social object in this aspect. This is a stigma of post-modernity definied as social-cultural formation with lots of consequences for family, too. Innovation in norms and values'es area which are post-modernity's differentia specifica, start participation in generating family's concepts. It is interesting how human needs of affiliation remain unchanged-they are constons- different start being cultural ways of express these universal needs. Authors try to give a reconstruction of single's social-cultural figure. They present it in more general context changes of modernity. Single would be a topos, a dignity of post-modern manifestations.Nuclear family, stereotypes about sex, traditional differences in roles in family which remain unchanged in social-cultural area generally, begin modernizing from a reason of single-solitary from decisions exactly, 'solitary' does not mean 'unhappy', but deciding about their life consciously and evaluate life-elements again. Single engaged by job-activities, who does not want to be static-but be dynamic-with change's wish and exhibiting being an object, so individuality, does not want make relationships. He does not like traditional ways of sex and their roles in relationships, especially. Realized alternative, start being common, begin subjugating areas of old family's concepts very bravely. This what yesterday was a priori become an object of contestation and creative changes. Social-cultural practice of single start mirroring theoretical discourse of postmodernism, become proving reality of theoretical speculation's ambivalence. It comes clear post-structuralists's opinions-with their banner Foucault's reconstruction of history of sexuality-are not thought's fun only, but they have real social representations. Authors are not satisfied from thought's level only. They transfer discourse into reconstruction of research result's level expediently, showing by this way single's figure exploited a lot in post-structural philosophies is an object of legal empirical sociology's discourse.





Roczniki Socjologii Rodziny, 2010, tom 20, s. 73-92.



Title Alternative

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