Współczesne praktyki artystyczne wobec sfery sacrum. Od ateistycznych krucjat antyreligijnych po agnostyczne herezje dialogu

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Polskie Towarzystwo Religioznawcze

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Jacek Zydorowicz – CONTEMPORARY ART PRACTICES AND THE SACRED SPHERE. FROM ATHEISTIC ANTIRELIGIOUS CRUSADES TO AGNOSTIC HERESIES OF DIALOGUE The world of secular art and the world of religious art are today the two divided fields, as well in their circulation and esthetic reflection. "Secular" artists did not resign from relating to the sacred sphere, often being close to blasphemy and insulting religious feelings. Many of such incidents did contribute to the perception of the world of secular and religious arts in terms of mutual aversion or even hostility. Not so far past shows however, that both types of cultural practices with a specific "prosperity of discourses" are able to create interesting symbioses. Such situations occur, when both art and religion become a censored phenomena, like for example during the communist era in Poland in the 1980's. Artists and Catholic priests became efficient catalysts of social resistance. However, the time of transformation after 1989 had brought some significant changes; artists either had lost their interest in religious topics, or targeted a new discourse around the bounding of the sacred with poli-tics. The 1990's in the Polish arts related to religious topics had past in an atmosphere of scandals, accusations of blasphemy, closing of exhibitions, preventive censorship etc. Does it bring the issue to an emptiness of the sacred in arts? On one hand we have today frightened curators avoiding the sensitive religious topics, and on the other blasphemic and transgressive strategies are no longer interesting to the artists themselves. It doesn't mean, that the sacred has been pushed out from the art totally and the tactics of provoking through religious iconography abandoned.





Przegląd Religioznawczy, nr 3(245) ,2012, ss. 171-185.



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