Współdziałanie rad narodowych z zawodowymi organami kontroli zewnętrznej

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Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM

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Cooperation of people's councils with professional organs of external control


The subject of the elaboration is the cooperation which is expected between people's councils and professionally acting subjects of control situated outside of the councils system. The said subjects are to develop the cooperation by the rule of The People's Councils and Territorial Self-government Act of 1983. The author of the article presents the issue from the people's councils viewpoint and first and foremost from the viewpoint of the act. In the first part of the article the range of subjects obliged to eoperate with people's councils in the domain of control is stated,. The subjects lare divided by the author into two groups. One of them is professional subjects of external control, situated in the administrative branch. The so called branch inspections play the essential part among the subjects of that group. The second group is subjects of professional control situated outside of the administration. Locai organizational units of the Supreme Chamber of Control are the main element of that group. Further parts of the article are devoted to discussing forms in which people's councils are to cooperate with the previously indicated institutions excercising control in the professional manner. The author distinguishes basically two groups of forms: session forms, realized by the councils at their sessions and extra-session forms. The latter are realized by the councils throught their organs. The main part is to be played lin this respect by the councils'" presidia, being the organizers of their work. In the conclusion the author indicates at virtues and shortcomings of the present regulation. In his opinion, one must positively grade ranking the peoples councils duty to cooperate with the subjects excercising control upon administration as the statutory duty, both of the peoples councils and of the said subejcts of control. The shortcomings of the present regulation are in the author's opinion (related mostly to not precise wording of the legali (regulation, particularly as regards these provisions which define the forms of peoples councils cooperation with the professional subjects of external control.



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Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny 48, 1986, z. 2, s. 69-83



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