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    Sprawozdanie z „Dnia Czytania” (Der Bundesweite Vorlesetag), Poznań, 18 listopada 2016 roku
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Arciszewska, Katarzyna
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    Defining the Role of the Counselor
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Nasreen, Hawari
    In the professional literature regarding the various aspects of the nature on counseling, two terms that define the work of the school counselor stand out in particular: guidance and counseling (Kligman, 1990). The role of the educational counselor could be defined as a unique individual contact which purpose is to promote change and growth in three aspects: personal development, social adjustment and professional development. By this definition, counseling is perceived as a dynamic process characterized by the change in the consultee (Kligman, 1990). Educational counseling is meant to advance the emotional, cognitive and social development of the pupil population in the education system, and to lead the construction of an environment that allows for mental well-being for those growing in it, Educational counseling is aimed to assist the student as an individual, and to the school as a social-organizational system, to reach maximum functionality and to best extract their capabilities from emotional well-being in a supportive and accepting environment (Shefi, Psychilogical Counseling Service (Shefi) policy issue: Work as a Consultant in early childhood, 2002). The counselor is the system’s mental well-being go-to man. His availability inside the school faculty allows him to assist both the individual and the environment, to take the best actions whilst rapidly responding to the student, the faculty and the parents. His location as a faculty member enables him to simultaneously see various, and sometimes opposite, needs of all the target audiences, and to hold a balanced perspective on regulation, to arbitrate and mediate opposite stances. The counselor is a liaison with a systematic viewpoint from inside the school and between the school and the community. His professional purpose regards the entire student population whilst taking into account their various needs and the obligated response these variation dictate.
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    The Concept of Authority in Pedagogical Thinking
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Lorenzová, Jitka
    The article aims to illustrate how pedagogical authority has changed against the backdrop of the developments in our concept of the relationship between children and adults. It maps out selected concepts of authority in pedagogy (the platonic, democratic and patriarchal models), follows the transformations of the parent-child relationship in a psychohistorical context, and outlines the distinctions between authority and authoritarianism. Further arguments relate to the necessity of partnership in the model of pedagogical authority and demonstrate the shift from the disciplinary to the personalizing code of education, in conjunction with Bernstein's concept of invisible pedagogy. The text also deals with the contradictions and paradoxes that characterize contemporary childhood and complicate any clear-cut notion of pedagogical authority. The conclusion is that the current ambivalence surrounding pedagogical authority requires a renewal of the debate about educational ideals, especially the humanizing goal of education in post-industrial society.
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    From Being Sedentary to Being Active: Shifting Patterns of Idleness Among Children
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Hirsh, Alon
    Physical activity is defined as body movement produced by muscle action that increases energy expenditure. The lifestyle of hominids/humans included physical activity. The way of life associated with hunting, gathering, and agriculture. During the Hellenic Age (336-30 B.C.), Sports were considered “physical training for health”, and agonal (competitive) gymnastics were highly regarded. For Romans, some body movements served the purpose as preparation for war and the military. Our young people live in a social and physical environment that makes it easy to be sedentary. The benefits of physical activity for children, though seemingly obvious. Physical activity can reduce anxiety, feelings of stress. A reduction in sedentary behavior can be achieved with minimal financial or time requirements. Positive experiences with physical activity at a young age help lay the basis for being regularly active throughout early and later adulthood. Recommended physical activity guidelines differ according to age group. Performance of a wide variety of physical activities is important for refining already learned motor skills. Sport participation, appropriately directed, could be involved in the development of character, work discipline, teamwork, fair play, and other socially approved characteristics.
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    O edukacji w zakresie praw zwierząt. Teoria Toma Regana
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Probucka, Dorota
    The article concerns a new educational theory based on the idea of animal rights. It was presented and developed by the American ethicist Tom Regan, which drifted its axiological base and was the initiator of socio-educational movement called Animal Rights Movement, to which joined other ethicists, educators, layers, veterinarians, and even theologians. The article contains analysis of Tom Regan's views on the issue of moral status of non-human beings, and consists of two parts. The first part concerns the criticism of ethical theories based on the idea of direct and indirect moral duties to animals. In the second part are discussed the main concepts and principles of a new way of thinking such as: inherent value, a subject of a life criterion, the respect principle and its derivatives.
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    Minority Culture, Education and Identity: The Case of Palestinian Arabs in Israel
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Ramadan, Izabel S.
    The purpose of this article is to address the links between minority culture, education and identity in the context of Palestinian Arabs in Israel (PAI). In an effort to demonstrate the unique socio-political status and cultural orientation of the PAI, the historical background of Palestinians in Israel is provided as well as a description of the educational system in Israel, with emphasis on Arab sector education. Against this background, I examine: (1) issues of education and identity among PAI and (2) the potential for identity conflict. Since the majority of teachers in the Arab sector are women, issues of gender relations are also discussed. The narrative methodology is recommended for further research on the way in which Palestinian Arab teachers, as potential agents of social change, relate to the broader cultural context in which they live and how identity issues are managed and expressed in the context of professional roles. The author of this article is a Palestinian Arab teacher in the Israeli educational system. This provides an opportunity for an in-depth analysis of the phenomena presented from an “insider” perspective.
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    Słowiańszczyzna w podręcznikach. Studium socjologiczne nad możliwością budowania alternatywnych narracji historycznych o początkach państwa polskiego
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Kasperek, Andrzej
    What has been undertaken in this study is the problem of narrations, alternative to the predominant historical discourse, about the beginning of Polish statehood. The considerations on the existence of such narrations are situated in the perspective “dominant culture – counterculture”. Some references are made to the research concerning the presentation in history course books and curricula of two events in the history of Poland: the christening of Mieszko I and the so called pagan reaction. What is suggested here is enriching the research conclusions with the issues of Romantic “revelation” and introducing Slavism into the 19th century culture as well as viewing the early state of the Piast dynasty in the Ciril-Methodius tradition. The author formulates the thesis that in the analysed coursebooks and curricula the narration about the early Polish statehood is subordinated to the evolutionaryrevolutionary model of interpreting history.
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    Okrucieństwo, przemoc i wychowanie według Michela de Montaigne’a. Szkic z deontologii pedagogicznej
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Włodarczyk, Rafał
    The aim of this paper is to analyze the phenomenon of cruelty according to deontology in education. The cruelty represents a significant threat to the pedagogical relationship for two reasons. Firstly, as one of the forms of aggression. Secondly, it occurs mostly in a hidden or covert form. The author refers to the concepts of cruelty put forth by Michel de Montaigne and Judith N. Shklar. Indicating indicates the difference between cruelty and violence, he points out the measures to prevent the emergence of atrocities in education and everyday life.
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    Nieetatowe rozwiązanie karierowe jako sposób gromadzenia kapitału kariery
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Litaszewska, Elwira
    The structure of the study was subordinate to the question about the characteristics of career choices undertaken in the discourse of lifelong learning and career planning. The distinguishing mechanisms for selected career development approaches emphasize the importance of entrepreneurial attitudes and the effective use of personal resources. The accumulation of career capital can be a response to the demands of the modern labor market and to the dynamics of the changes taking place within it. This approach is quite strongly focused on non-career career choices, exemplified by start-ups.
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    Wychowanie fizyczne na Uniwersytecie Notre Dame w South Bend Indiana – tradycja, proces, nauczyciele
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Marciniak, Michał
    The author of this article presensts the structure of physical education and sports at the academic level at Notre Dame University in South Bend Indiana. The first part describes the historical aspect, the most important dates, names of the university. The next part is an analysis of the program of physical education classes, sports facilities and budget for sport. In the last part, the author attempted to present a episode of his qualitative research at Notre Dame University during his stay in 20122014. The research concerned the professional satisfaction of physical education teachers at the University of Notre Dame. `
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    Bariery i przykłady wsparcia w procesie edukacji w środowisku osób z wadami słuchu
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Iwanicka, Beata
    The article presents the problems of deaf and hard of hearing people in education. This topic is widely analyzed. The text describes the difficulties experienced by students at school, at various stages of learning, and the barriers experienced by deaf and hard of hearing students at higher education levels. In general, the hearing deficit entails various communication complications. The person with hearing impairment has a limited opportunity to have different experiences and what is most important in the text – hearing loss or deafness often makes it impossible to gain an optimal education. There are different methods of educating people from the non-hearing environment, depending on the degree of hearing impairment. Hearing impaired student often has difficulty understanding Polish, as it is not always their first language (their first language may be the Polish sign language). Hearing impaired students sometimes don’t understand academic texts because they have weaker poorer vocabulary due to their communication dysfunction. Another issue is the social isolation of many people with hearing impairments which often have a dilemma which environment to integrate with – with hearing or hearing impaired? Teaching staff approaches such people in different ways. Stereotypes do not help in educational progress (for example, the assumption that such students communicate only in sign language). It is important to be aware of the types of hearing loss and the different types of hearing (each hearing impaired hears differently and needs an individual approach). Finally, the article discusses the issue of education of people with hearing impairment from the category of “space”. Through “space” you can understand here the environment (school space, classes and associated architectural-acoustic barriers) as well as the language of the Deaf. The sign language is specifically designed for living space (some of the signatures must be shown in the specified movement and direction, depending on the intention of the sender).
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    Zasoby osobiste a niepełnosprawność sensoryczna
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Szabała, Beata
    Personal resources are an important factor contributing to health and the quality of life. Their role is even greater in difficult situations, such as the ones experienced by individuals with visual and auditory impairments/deficits. The research was to diagnise personal resources of adults with isual and auditory impairments/deficits. These resources were analysed in terms of the meanig of life, self-assessment, and social support. Research was conducted with 80 respondents aged 20-30, where 40 respondents were visually impaired, and 40 respondents were auditorily impaired. Instruments used: The Meanig of Life Scale by J.C. Crumbaugh and K.T. Maholicka, A Questionnaire of Social Support by J.S. Norbeck, a Self-Assessment Scale by W.H. Fitts, and author’s own questionnarie. Research findings reveal certain divergences between groups in terms of the analysed resources, with the most significant ones in the sphere of self-assessment.
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    Uczelnia XXI wieku. Sieć społeczna studentów, absolwentów i kadry naukowodydaktycznej w innowacyjnym modelu kształcenia ideAGORA
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Maj, Konrad
    This article presents the contemporary challenges faced by universities. It focuses on the traditional and the modern approach to the University maintaining relations with their socio-economic environment. These relationships are described in the framework of the social network theory. The second part presented an innovative model of education ideAGORA, the concept of lifelong learning based of a lasting relationship between university and graduate. The results of evaluations carried out after the stage of testing the ideAGORA model demonstrated its high efficiency: it contributes to strengthening alumni’s ties with the University, the sincerity of their motivation to study and activity as well as the interest in additional training in the case of graduates and academic staff.
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    Przez Ty człowiek staje się Ja. Coaching i filozofia dialogu – konstruktywne spotkanie
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Teusz, Grażyna
    The article discusses selected aspects of the philosophy of dialog, and then makes relations between them and the theory and practice of coaching. The platform which significantly bridges the two approaches is the perspective of encounter and the dialogical relation, which come into play in the interpersonal I and You relation (coach – client) and the resultant experience, conditions and consequences. Empathy is one of the possible efficient tools of dialog. It is a criterion for a genuine encounter that is one of the assumptions of the philosophy dialog.
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    Użyteczność stosowania pojęcia „rodzina normalna” – z perspektywy pomocy psychologiczno-pedagogicznej
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Gulczyńska, Anna
    The article gives an insight into the meaning of the term “normal family” and the potential implications of its use. The modernist and the postmodernist approaches presented are supposed to contribute to a reflection on the current usefulness of this term, i.e. to what extent it describes the family and work with it. The use of the terms: norm and normal is mistaken for objectivism and neutrality. It is therefore worth considering in the context of narration about the family terms such as: healthy, functional, successful, adapting, and when using the term norm or standard, to add criteria of its description. The article first presents selected definitions of norms, then the approaches to the normal family, and the resultant conclusions. Further on the article indicates the results of preliminary analyses of statements made by students, showing their ways of defining the notion of a “normal family”. Subsequently a summary is made from the perspective of both modernism and postmodernism.
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