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    Technology on the Run: Promoting Active Behavior in Diverse Ict-Supported Physical Education Classes
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Hirsh, Alon
    Technology in education is defined as one that achieves a practical purpose and that can assist teachers in motivating students. In the past, instructional technology consisted of mainly visual instruction, made up of pictures, films, graphs, charts, and other visual aids. By 1985, the Internet was already well established as a technology supporting a broad community of researchers and developers. Today’s children are known as the “iGeneration” due to their advanced technology skills and use. It is estimated that teenagers spend from 15 up to 20 hours each day “multitasking”, i.e. using different forms of ICT tools. The use of technology devices turned to be an integral part of sporting performance analysis, allowing coaches and teachers to understand the physical demands on team sport athletes. The advances in ICT in the 21st century involves children that are naturally growing in areas of higher levels access to information. Nowadays, a collection of ICT tools such as pedometers, smartphones, tablets (applications), virtual reality simulators, heart rate monitors, and others, are being used in physical education to enhance engagement, pedagogy and performance. It is critical for children to adapt their capacity to acquire knowledge and develop their skills through technology usage. If these ICT tools are used properly in PE classes, they have the potential to impact teachers’ teaching practice and, consequently, student learning. Teachers should possess the skills and behaviors of digital-age professionals, particularly in physical education. Technology usage would be beneficial for increasing physical activity, improving dietary choices and encouraging other health-related behaviors.
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    The Right to Inclusive Education in the Light of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Diallo, Boubacar Sidi
    This article examines the rights of persons with disabilities in the field of inclusive education based on fundamental human rights outlined in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Inclusive education is essential to achieve universal respect for the right to education, including persons with disabilities. Only inclusive education systems can offer persons with disabilities both quality education and the opportunity to improve their social situation. Inclusive education is not just about placing students with disabilities in mainstream educational institutions; it also means making them feel welcome, respected and valued. The values that underlie the concept of inclusive education reinforce the capacity of everyone to achieve their goals and to conceive of diversity as a source of enrichment. Students with disabilities need appropriate support to participate in the education system on an equal basis with other students. Ordinary educational institutions must provide students with disabilities with a learning environment that maximizes academic progress and socialization.
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    Aspiracje edukacyjne rodziców i dzieci a osiągnięcia szkolne
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Kozłowski, Waldemar; Matczak, Ewa
    Numerous studies have found an association of educational aspirations of parents and children with their school achievement. The study verifies these relationships for about 5,000 people, a representative sample of parents and their children-primary school students. Three aspects of aspirations were taken into account: the maximum (desired), the feasible (expected) and the lowest acceptable. Expected aspirations of parents are mostly related to the achievements of children; students’ achievements are associated with both their feasible and maximum aspirations. There was a significant relationship between aspirations of parents and children and a strong correlation between parental aspirations and their level of education.
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    Przestrzeń międzygeneracyjna – relacje młodzieży z rodzicami
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Karmolińska-Jagodzik, Ewa
    This article is an attempt to theoretically capture the concept of space in the context of intergenerational relations, in particular in the field of young people’s relations with their parents. The theoretical approaches undertaken induce an exemplification of the concept of space and its constituent elements, which are distinguished in intergenerational relations. The concept of space is depicted in the notion of social sciences. Intergenerational relations take place in a specific type of space, which consists of individual segments. Taking into account family relationships and ties encourages reflection on the uniqueness and diversity of aspects related to intergenerational relationships between young people and their parents.
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    Wiedza na temat smutku u dzieci z różnym poziomem rozwoju intelektualnego
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Buchnat, Marzena; Jasielska, Aleksandra
    The aim of this study was to characterize the knowledge about the joy in children with mild intellectual disability. The premises relating to the mental functioning of these children suggest that this knowledge is poorer and less complex than the knowledge of their peers in the intellectual norm. The study used the authoring tool to measure children’s knowledge of emotions, including joy. The tool takes into account the cognitive representation of the basic emotions available in three codes: image, verbal, semantic and interconnection between the codes – perception, symbolization and conceptualization, which perform the functions of perception, expression and understanding. The study included children with the intellectual norm (N = 30) and children with mild intellectual disability (N = 30). The results mainly indicate the differences in how happiness is understood by particular groups, to the detriment of children with disability. The character of the results is largely determined by the level of organization of knowledge about joy and accompanying mental operations.
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    McJob – między dehumanizacją pracy a wstępem do kariery zawodowej
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Sobczak, Anna
    The service sector plays an increasingly important role in modern society, called a consumer society. Nowadays we want to get everything easily and quickly. That is why the fast-food industry, specially McDonald’s company become more and more popular. Work in fast-food restaurants (but not only there) is called a McJob. The term is commonly defined as a low-paid, unskilled, entry-level job with few prospects, one that requires zero creative or intellectual involvement. McJobs are usually filled by young people. This article tries to answer the question whether employment of this type means dehumanization of work or whether it can be an introduction to a professional career.
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    Mentalne wzorce relacyjne jako predyktory statusu związku studiujących kobiet
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Soroko, Emilia; Adamczyk, Katarzyna; Klepka, Paweł; Jankowiak, Barbara
    The article analyses relationship patterns as predictors of relationship status (having vs not having a partner) among female university students. Inner relationship patterns were identified on the basis of written statements on significant relations. The statements were obtained through the Relationship Anecdotes Paradigm (RAP), which allows the acquisition of autobiographic records of narrative nature on personally significant interpersonal relations. The results of the analysis based on the concept of Core Conflictual Relationship Theme (CCRT) helped predict whether a respondent has a partner thanks to only one category of relationship patterns – the desire of the self to feel well and comfortably, to have a sense of stability, to feel happy and self-satisfied, triggered in the context of referring to a significant interpersonal relation in the narratives. The other aspects of the patterns – responses of the other to the self’s desire and the response of the self to the reactions of the other – do not markedly affect the prediction of the relationship status.
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    Pedagogical and Legal Activities Taken in Poland Towards People Addicted to Alcohol
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Karaszewska, Hanna; Rajewska De Mezer, Joanna; Silecka-Marek, Ewelina
    The issue of alcohol consumption, addiction to it, and causes and effects of this phenomenon have already been explored many times. The article describes current pedagogical and legal activities taken in Poland towards people addicted to alcohol and related controversy . The authors drew attention to a number of problems concerning with alcohol addiction for an alcohol abuse person and his family. Starting from the current law on upbringing in sobriety and counteracting alcoholism because it takes up issues related to treatment, rehabilitation and social reintegration of people addicted to alcohol. There are institutions established on its basis and take up actions aimed at diagnosing the problem of an individual’s addiction to alcohol, leading to a ruling and requiring the person addicted to alcohol to undergo treatment. In the article the stages of treatment have been described in detail, requriments, important person for example probation officer and possible to receive treatment from non-governmental organizations that help those addicted and thus create an option for those addicted to alcohol to self-organize. The authors emphasized that the process of freeing from alcohol addiction is incredibly difficult and sometimes prolonged. Thus, the compulsory character of rehab treatment sparks a lot of controversy, as it contradicts the right to self-determination, i.e. independent decision of the person addicted to take up the treatment. There is a need to search new solutions in this respect, develop tools that increase the effectiveness of activities taken towards those addicted and exchange experiences on the global scale.
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    Zintegrowany system wsparcia studentów we współczesnej edukacji – dobre praktyki
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Kot-Radojewska, Magdalena
    The paper argues about the role of higher education not only in terms of knowledge transfer and acquisition of vocational skills among young people, that is, the creation of qualified human capital for the needs of the economy, but also in terms of implementation of the educational role of the university, one currently underrated. It is aimed at the education of creative, open-minded, responsible graduates, capable of understanding a dynamically changing reality, able to adapt to changes flexibly, and accept responsibility for their own development. The article presents an example of good practices in the field of comprehensive student support in higher education as developed by the University of Dąbrowa Górnicza. This approach, in addition to improving the professional potential of students, is also focused on forming their values, goals, attitudes and beliefs which will significantly affect their behavior and the way they use the acquired knowledge in the future.
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    Women in Engeenering – Dynamics of Access to Studies and Professional Career
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Szymczak, Emilia
    This article describes the history of women in the engineering world, the changing social and economic conditions and women’s rising educational aspirations (it appears that they are interested in the traditional scientific disciplines but they also increasingly with to try typically male – form the point of view of traditional socialization – educational and then professional careers). The article presents the dynamics of the access of women to higher education through the years, including especially scientific and technical fields of study. It also presents the statistical data about the participation of women in the stereotypically male areas of education. This article provides historical examples of women, famous because of their spectacular scientific achievements.
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    System kształcenia i doskonalenia nauczycieli w Singapurze. Między utopijną wizją a rzeczywistością
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Kwiatkowski, Stefan T.; Nowosad, Inetta
    Starting from the concept of utopia, the article focuses itself on the analysis of teacher education and professional development system that has evolved in Singapore over the last few decades. On the wider background of this particular model’s elements, a description of the institutions responsible for teacher continuing education, established to prepare them to the fundamental task they are meant to perform in the modern knowledge society, has been provided.
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    Diagnoza: pojęcie, cechy diagnostyczne i zastosowania w badaniach edukacyjnych
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Banaszak, Sławomir
    The classic understanding of diagnosis is connected with the practical activity, mainly in medicine. Currently, however, diagnostics have a much wider meaning. It covers not only natural science but also technical sciences. Social sciences, in turn, included diagnosis in the typology of empirical research, mainly about a practical goal, but more and more often also cognitive. The problems of assessment within diagnosis processes, type of social research and the diagnosis as the stage of any research in social sciences are revealed by the author. The paper ends with the emphasizing of diagnosis features and its educational applications in modern research plans.
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    Przemoc w wychowaniu… w polskim wydaniu. Postawy rodziców wobec kar cielesnych
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Jarosz, Ewa
    The worldwide discourse on the problem of corporal punishment presents the discussion and results of research that gives the evidence of serious harm that CP does. In this light the need of intensive efforts to eliminate corporal punishment as the most frequent form of violence against children is strongly emphasized in the last years. Among different activities dedicated to stop the problem research on various indicators correlated with the use of corporal punishment are recommended. One of them is social acceptance of violent behaviors in relationship with a child. Due to this recommendations also in Poland proper research has been done in order to get a diagnosis of social attitudes towards corporal punishment. This paper presents some results of the research of the year 2017 commissioned by the Ombudsman for Children, which was the 7th edition of the monitoring of social attitudes on violence in upbringing that has been continued since 2011. The below presentations focuses on results of parents as a group of the general population. Additionally parents were asked also about their own behaviors towards their children, as an attempt not to assess directly the range of the use of corporal punishment by them but to get the picture of the another face of their attitudes toward the problem. In the face of the results it can be said that the picture of parents’ approval of violence in upbringing must be regarded as problematic and needing determined interventions. The most problematic is the level of the acceptance of these behaviors, which often are not clearly named in a public space as violence like spanking. The level of the approval of violence toward children among Polish parents should be regarded as a negative context of child well-being in Poland which definitely conduces to the existence of violent behaviors in everyday rising practices and the harm experienced by children.
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    Film jako medium edukacyjne
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Jakubowski, Witold
    Traditional thinking about applying films in educational activities was based on treating them as “didactic vehicles”. Thanks to that approach, it was possible to “smuggle” desirable values, create attitudes or to model pro-social behavior among students. That approach of using art as an education tool (not only films but other forms of art, too) should be understood and associated with the dominance of a communication model in education that is seen through the prism of three basic elements: sender – medium – recipient. Such a view neglects the recipient’s activity in constructing the sense of the work, assuming that the recipient has to “read and acquire” what the sender has offered him. The article, by referring not only to theoretical pedagogical positions, but also to media studies, film studies and cultural studies, considers the possibility of pedagogical application of film from the hermeneutic perspective.
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    O racjonalności dydaktyki jako przedmiotu nauczania i jako subdyscypliny pedagogicznej
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Mieszalski, Stefan
    Within pedagogical sciences, didactics appears in at least two forms: as a subject taught in higher education and as one of branches of pedagogy. That is why in the field of didactics there is more than one type of rationality; they vary with respect to different purposes of two forms of didactics mentioned above. The main purpose of the article is to analyze some issues related to rationality present in both forms of didactics. In the context of the subject taught in universities, several issues are discussed, e.g. the issue of relationships between structure of didactic content and structure of teacher activities during the teaching process. With respect to didactics as one of the branches of pedagogy, Karl R. Popper’s standpoint is used to discuss the problem of asymmetrical relationships between verification and invalidation of prepositions in the field of didactics.
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