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Title: rozgrzeszenie po zabiegu in vitro. Głos w dyskusji
Other Titles: absolution after in vitro Fertilization
Authors: Gryz, Krzysztof
Keywords: in vitro fertilization
„Extra" embryos
contrition for one's sins
satisfaction made for the wrongs
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Wydział Teologiczny, UAM
Citation: Teologia i Moralność, Tom 8, 2010, s. 25-36.
Abstract: The peculiar promotion of the extracorporeal fertilization method, promotion in which various authorities, recently even the Nobel Committee, are involved - makes it a stronger and stronger temptation also for the faithfiil. As a result, some of them have already decided to resort to in vitro procedure or such a decision is maturing in their heart. The method, being morally vile, is unacceptable and rejected by the Church, and its application constitutes moral evil. Therefore, a pastoral problem arises concerning the persons who bring this sin to the confessional. How can and how should the confessor behave in such a situation? Can absolution be given, and if so, under what conditions can it be given? The present article analyzes this problem in two aspects relevant to the validity of the confession: contrition for sins and satisfaction made for the wrongs. The issues appearing at these two points have been formulated in two ąuestions: what does or what should the act of contrition refer to? And what does the reparation oblige one to do?
ISBN: 978-83-61884-15-6
ISSN: 1898-2964
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