Studia Romanica Posnaniensia, 2010, vol. 37, nr 2

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    Les reformulations réparatrices dans l’interprétation de conférence
    (AMU Press, 2010-12-30) Woroch, Justyna
    The aim of this paper is to deal with the notion of repair reformulations (fr. reformulations réparatrices) investigated mainly by the conversational analysis researchers but adapted here to the situation of conference interpreting. The author analyses a couple of examples of repairs which appear in the texte produced by the speaker as well as those relevant for the interpreter’s delivery.
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    Types d’opérations sémantiques dans l’interprétation des énoncés paradoxaux
    (AMU Press, 2010-12-30) Wołowska, Katarzyna
    The paper describes the linguistic paradox from a semantic point of view, in particular the mechanisms involved in paradox neutralization in a context. The theoretical and methodological perspective of the study, linked to the current stemming from French structural semantics, lays a particular emphasis on mutual relations between the analyzed elements, though considered in a micro- and macrosemantic context. Special attention is paid to basic types of paradox neutralization: semantic dissimulation (as to time, optics and point of view) and semantic assimilation, as well as tropical interpretation of a string, more exactly – metaphoric, hyperbolic and ironical.
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    Lingua del calcio come una lingua settoriale
    (AMU Press, 2010-12-30) Szemberska, Anna
    The main motives of this article involve tecnical terms used by journalists in the Italian football press. The paper presents the Italian of football, its multiple aspects and its characteristics as a special language. The aim of this article, in which we also consider the popularity of football press in Italy, is to analyse its semantic, stylistic, syntactic and textual features.
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    À la recherche de la forme et du sens des gestes quasi-linguistiques et syllinguistiques dans la communication française, italienne et polonaise
    (AMU Press, 2010-12-30) Szarota, Beata
    The present paper is an attempt supplying proofs that gestural signs are almost like standard linguistic signs. It is claimed that language gestures exhibit numerous properties of classical linguistic signs conceived of as in the works of de Saussure. The dividing line between the two pertains, in essence, to the type of motivation between the signifier and the signified, found within gestural, but not linguistic signs. There is a conspicuous connection between the two aspects of the sign within various kinds of gestures, including volitional ones (most akin to speech acts or „la parole” of the Saussure) as well as within those which are not performed on purpose (called „sylinguistic” gestures).
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    El enfoque cultural en la enseñanza y el aprendizaje de español como lengua extranjera - ELE
    (AMU Press, 2010-12-30) Spychała, Małgorzata
    This paper is devoted to the notion of culture which on account of its omnipresence and multitude of meanings requires a detailed analysis within the context of foreign language teaching. The problems of culture are presented, along with the aims of language, intercultural communication and education in the perspective of Spanish teaching.