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    The Free, Childlike Play and the Strengthening of the Parent-Child Relationship: A Report from the Linkage of University Teaching and Practice
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2015) Peatzold, Ulrich
    The basic works on the importance of play for children's development emphasize the holistic and comprehensive importance for all areas of development. As part of the various approaches of pedagogy these effects were harnessed in recent decades and functionalized for different societal and social goals. Though the original meaning of children's play is increasingly faded in professional circles and is seen in its possibilities rather mainly in performanceoriented goals. Most likely the client-centered play therapy still pursues the original sense of the play, focusing on the actual needs of the child in its totality and individuality. As part of a project at the the BTU Cottbus students of Social Work / Social Pedagogy meet families for weekly play visits, to exemplary encourage the parents to play with their children themselves. The low-threshold project aims to have a preventive effect and to strengthen the parent-child relationship.
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    Traditional Religion and Socio-Anthropological Factors Sustaining Widowhood Configurations of Violence on Nigerian Women
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2015) Iheanacho, Ngozi N.
    The article is an ethnographic research report in response to Nigerian women’s agitation for advancement and appreciation of their value in the family and society. And also, taking cue from the United Nations clarion call on regular research on customs and traditions that promote women indignities and underdevelopment indices which build up from the family, the paper directs its spotlight on widowhood institution which is characterized by configurations of violence and concomitants of women exploitation and underdevelopment. The practices of the institution are carried out in the pre and post burial phases. They have continued to resist extinction strategies. Not even surrendering to the long struggle and gains of women liberation ideas and policies that abound the world and Nigeria in particular. In the thrust of the report, the paper identifies the sustaining factors of the practices as mainly rooted in traditional religion and socio-anthropological issues, namely: the people’s worldview and concept of sacred phenomenon, the people’s concept of death and ancestorship; the widow’s social and psychological concern for the dead; the people’s idea of marriage and family system; the people’s conformity to the paradigm of myth and sacred history and; the quest for re-union and group cohesion. Among other strategies, formulation of local Christian theologies and legally backed social policies would help to rescue the women from the clutches of the institution.
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    Shaping the Course of African American Preschool Males in Educational Settings
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2015) Jones, Vita L.; McCray, Carissa
    The state of African American males in the United States is one of crisis. Educational settings are the ideal settings to address this social dilemma. The issue must be addressed early and often. Research examining how African American males fare in preschool settings is a critical first step in offsetting the adverse situations experienced by this population. Investigation of strategies to engage African American males is the warranted to make education equitable for all.
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    Shaping Behaviors in Virtual Worlds – Gender, Culture, Education. Teacher’s Reflections from Second Life
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2015) Topol, Paweł
    The article focuses on the phenomenon of how human behaviors are shaped in the environments of three-dimensional virtual worlds. The so-called serious virtual worlds are taken into consideration. They are sometimes defined in the literature as social environments. The largest ones – like Second Life which has several millions of user accounts – are indeed multi-national and multi-cultural in character. Users, or residents, take part in social, cultural, artistic events or just explore the virtual space for their own reasons. The total area of Second Life is comparable to several Manhattans, so the opportunities to find new interesting spots or to meet new people seem endless. Some key questions covered in the article are: How do people – through their avatars – perform in the three-dimensional virtual world in communicative situations? Do they copy their physical world behaviors onto the virtual? Do they adopt behaviors from other people/avatars, or maybe they reshape their own? The final question is what possible implications for pedagogy and education are –with reference to learning and teaching practice in 3D environments. Examples from author’s experience in virtual worlds will be given.
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    Please, Mind the Gap. Gender and Computer Science Education
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2015) Kwaśnik, Marta; Karwowski, Maciej
    Functioning in contemporary reality requires a variety of different skills, but computer skills are among the most prevalent ones. In this article, we review theories and research related to the gender gap in computing and computer science education, as well as provide several possible lines of explanation of this gap, organized around the psychobiosocial model of gender differences. We demonstrate this gap in Poland using different data-based exemplifications, i.e., showing the gender gap among participants of national contests in programming, awardees of prestigious fellowships for young scientists or showing gender differences in scholarly positions. We discuss reasons and consequences of the identified gap in education, but also in society as a whole.
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    The Effectiveness of Social Stories Implemented Through Technology: Is There a Difference in Outcomes between Males and Females?
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2015) Padilla, Denice Mena; Pierson, Melinda R.
    The effectiveness of technologically-based social stories for males and females with autism is explored. An increase in positive behavior responses and improved communication are two outcomes compared to paper-based social stories. Additional research should continue to validate the use of technology supports for males and females with disabilities in the classroom.
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    Civic Engagement and its Determinants – Cross-Cultural Comparisons
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2015) Siemieńska, Renata
    Civic engagement is considered to be a crucial element in the process of identifying issues both on the local and national levels, seeking appropriate solutions, legitimising decisions and selecting the ways of their implementation by elective bodies and the executive. This text is concentrated on the following dimensions of civic engagement in a typical democratic society: affiliations with third sector organisations and protest as a form of lobbying for political decisions taken by policy-makers at different levels.
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    The Issue of Gender in Educational Inequalities in Post New Labour England. An Outline of the Problem
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2015) Rutkowska-Lis, Olga
    The paper presents some of the problems referring to the issue of gender gap when considering educational inequality with the focus on England. Interestingly, the problem of educational inequality or inequality as such has been the focus of researchers’ attention for quite a while. However, there seems to be a lack of solid data allowing to draw better conclusions referring to the interconnections of gender and inequalities. There seems to be a general agreement that the problem of gender gap in educational environments is later negatively reflected on professional life and career. Yet, there is little research proving this belief right. The reasons behind the problem of gender and gender gap may be rooted in the complexity of the matter. It is rather difficult to precisely define and name everything that may and should be involved in a gender related research. It also seems to call for more psychologically oriented terms, which forms yet greater challenge for any sociologist. Calling upon the data present, researchers tend to interpret the same sets differently due to employing varying theories, which further muddles the issue of gender, gender gap and its possible relation to educational inequalities. The article is aimed at showing some of the aforementioned problems within the context of educational inequalities in England. It is merely an attempt calling professional circles if not policy writers, to take a step back and rethink the issue of gender inequalities within the context of education.
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    Women’s Education and Professional Success. Paradoxes of Access and Exclusion
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2015) Gromkowska-Melosik, Agnieszka
    The article considers the paradoxes of dynamics of women’s access to the higher education and the labour market. The prevalent assumption behind an educational gap between men and women is that of privileged men who enjoyed much greater access to all levels of education. However, most data on women’s access to higher education is telling of an educational emancipation of women. It is difficult to talk about female discrimination in terms of numbers. On the other hand when we analyselabour market structure the position occupied by women and men differs to a significant extent when compared to the educational context. It turns out that the rule of meritocracy, which applies to women at the level of education, is not applied once they have graduated. The same diploma, which is a definite advantage for males, is a less significant advantage for females.
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