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    Narażenie na agresję rówieśniczą niepełnosprawnych uczniów szkół integracyjnych w relacjach nauczycieli wspomagających
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Plichta, Piotr; Olempska-Wysocka, Magdalena
    Disabled children are more often isolated or rejected by their social group. They tend to have fewer friends, which makes them an easier target of hostile behaviour from their peers. A concern for an appropriate school climate and a sense of security of the vulnerable students are strong reasons to conduct research in this regard. The research based on interviews with 20 co-teachers from integrated classes has not provided unequivocal evidence on the scale and intensity of peer aggression directed towards students with special educational needs. However, almost every teacher has experienced such occurrences. Every fi fth interviewee confi rmed online victimization in the form of electronic aggression/cyberbullying of disabled students and approximately half of the teachers revealed that disabled students fell victim to face-to-face bullying. The study indicated the need for taking measures to protect students with special educational needs and preparing teachers to deal with the issues of aggression and social isolation of vulnerable students.
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    Wśród ludzi na własnych zasadach? O możliwościach i ograniczeniach w budowaniu relacji z rówieśnikami przez młodzież z zespołem Aspergera
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Wojciechowska, Aneta
    This thesis aims at describing the interpersonal relations with peers experienced by adolescents with Asperger syndrome. The research has been conducted according to qualitative research paradigm in education. Data collection in the research was based on a case study
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    Inny jako obcy. Imigranci w polskim dyskursie publicznym i edukacyjnym
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Zamojska, Eva
    Taking into account the features of Polish public discourse, dominated by an exclusive perception of what Polish means, one may justifi ably contend that immigrants are the most invisible group of “the others” in Poland, one that is the most excluded from public life. The fi rst part of the article presents the basic theoretical underpinnings of the phenomenon of immigration and ‘being an immigrant’ and attempts to defi ne the uniqueness of this aspect of “otherness”. The second part focuses on a discoursive exclusion of immigrants from public life and the reasons for this exclusion; it moreover proposes possible measures to ameliorate the situation, especially in education.
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    Dziecko chłopskie w czasie sacrum – konteksty edukacyjne (średniowiecze – epoka nowożytna)
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Kabacińska-Łuczak, Katarzyna; Ratajczak, Krzysztof
    The article presents important historical and pedagogical issues. The study analyses the functioning of the peasant child during sacred time to show the impact of this time on the child’s upbringing. It specifi cally underlines the importance of participation in the communal ritualised handling of holidays in the rites of both the Church calendar and nature, which impacts the traditional standards of conduct in certain situations. Apart from providing a sense of security and belonging, the rituals prepared the child for participation in culture. The analysis included aspects such as pilgrimages, participation in Holy Masses and, more broadly, in the life of the parish, including parish schools which have been an important part of socialization in the rural society. The authors show that participating in sacred time infl uenced the existence of the peasant child also in secular time and was a good opportunity for personal development.
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    Teaching of Psychology for Students with a Technical Background
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Andres, Pavel; Dobrovská, Dana; Vališová, Alena
    Teaching of psychology for technically educated students has its specifi cs that must be respected by the university teacher. These specifi cs concern the study goals, extent and contents of the curriculum, methods of teaching and preparation of study textbooks. Author of the textbook must take into account the professional exactingness, consistency of explanation, its fl uency and clarity, lingual style and technical user friendliness.
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    Hybrydowy charakter oceny szkolnej we wczesnej edukacji: stan i wyzwania
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Szyling, Grażyna
    The review of early-education assessment presented in this text is derived from the conviction that the traditional concept of system is not suffi cient to explain the phenomena occurring within the area in question, an indispensable quality of which is ambivalence. As the study results show, the assessment of pupils’ achievements arises within a fi eld of changeable tension between what is deemed as offi cially binding (educational norms, central and local systems regulations) and what is reliant on the local context of education and individual properties of the learner and the teacher. Accordingly, school assessment gains hybrid-like features regardless of the intentions of the people and institutions implicated in establishing it. Reducing any of its dimensions (be it instructional, social or axiological) with a view to preserving a stable and hierarchical order results in introducing obscurity into the assessment processes and thus turning assessment into an area of misunderstandings. Undertaken with such a perspective, the analyses of early-education assessment unravel its weaknesses, which are brought out thanks to the use of semantic associations derived from the senses given to the concept of hybrid by sciences other than pedagogy. The early-education status quo comes down to the diversity of meanings of assessment being radically reduced, to the assessment being conventionalized, to it being seemingly obvious and subjected to narrow instrumental objectives, especially to the motivation to learn being construed in behavioural terms. These phenomena, however, do not lead to the system being put in order, but they introduce into assessment new types of tensions, which intensify effects unfavourable to the pupil. What in this context I interpret as a challenge for teachers’ vocational training in assessment practices is taking into account – when establishing assessment – learners’ increasing independence as well as the pupils’ growing ability to assess themselves or others. This can be supported by the hybrid concept of combining throughout the teacher’s work two different types of assessment: the formative and summative one, with the two types referring to opposing systems of values. I do not see this solution as a panacea but rather as an opening of the discussion on the state of early-education assessment and on tendencies in the way it is changing.
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    Narracja autobiograficzna osoby z niepełnosprawnością intelektualną (i jej miejsce w dyskursach pedagogiki specjalnej)
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Pawelczak, Katarzyna
    Nowadays, more and more scholars prioritize an importance of an autobiographical narrative, which enables them to get to know examined people in terms of their individual experiences. We can observe an increase of a number of the scientists, being aware of a necessity to take disabled people’s perspective into consideration. That’s very meaningful that they have realized this necessity; otherwise they might make it impossible to establish a relationship with aforesaid people. Talking about ourselves helps us understand our feelings, thoughts and needs. That’s why the narrative is becoming an integral part of an intellectual disability’s discourse.
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    Dziecko z niepełnosprawnością jako odbiorca i bohater reklam. Czy istnieje „Inny“ kindermarketing?
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Buchnat, Marzena; Jasielska, Aleksandra Maria; Maksymiuk, Renata Anna
    The child’s development of advertising’s reception proceeds from the identifi cation of commerce through the understanding of persuasion to critical evaluation. The stages are arranged by “sedimentation“, which means that the successive ability was applied to achieve an earlier developmental stage. This is consistent with the general pattern of the child’s development. The children’s ability to understand the world is based on a series of transformations present at various stages of the child’s development. This pattern applies to children without disabilities, but in the case of a child with developmental disabilities this development progresses in a specifi c way, determined by the scope of the disability. Children with a disability belong to a group of vulnerable consumers and are doubly vulnerable, because of their age and developmental impairment. It seems important to create activities and rules for their protection.
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    Drugi, trzeci, czwarty… Poszukiwanie sensu pracy pedagoga specjalnego w różnych estetykach wychowawczych
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Podgórska-Jachnik, Dorota
    The article is inspired by Professor Lech Witkowski’s Edukacja wobec sporów o (po)nowoczesność (2007) and his concept of different aesthetics of the educational situation. This concept refl ects a certain way of looking at the ontological forms and styles of behavior and complex social forms, also in the educational situation. Education aesthetics specify a different relation between the teacher and the student. Witkowski asks what it means that the counselor is “fi rst”, ”second”, “third”, “fourth” etc. to the pupil. The author of this article applies this question to the situation of the special counselor and all special pedagogy. Using sequence numbers cannot be associated with competition here, and different aesthetics are not evaluated in any form. Similarly, special pedagogy does not aspire to the dominant position in the educational system, deliberately seeking self-restraint, but at the same time it does not reject the validity of its importance. The analysis looks for the signifi cance of the special counselor’s activities in various aesthetic confi gurations of social relations between the teacher and the pupil, to make the most of their resources, to be aware of the risks involved, and to consciously accept educational challenges.
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    Comparison of Attitudes of Czech and English Teachers to Multicultural Subcompetencies
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Hladík, Jakub; Jurtíková, Michaela
    The study is a research probe into attitudes of Czech and English teachers regarding multicultural competence. The authors delineate theoretical foundations which defi ne multicultural competence and its possible further division. The aim of the empirical part of the study is to present the results of a comparative research probe aimed at identifying the importance attributed to particular multicultural competences by Czech and English teachers. The authors use a methodological approach in the interface of qualitative and quantitative research strategies, namely the Q-methodology. ANOVA was used to determine differences in attitudes toward multicultural subcompetencies between Czech and English teachers. Furthermore, the Pearson correlation coeffi cient was used to analyse correlations between the groups of teachers.
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    Teaching Competences and their Development Via Video-Recording
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Mach, Petr; Krotký, Jan
    The article deals with use of case studies for professional preparation of teachers to be. One of the suitable ways to develop professional teaching competences is to apply the method of a case study. A case study means a complex and creative solution for a given teaching situation in simulated teaching conditions. It is based on interactive and situational education and decision taking. A case study improves not only professional and teaching competences for becoming teachers – it also fulfi ls the task to develop at students their auto-evaluating and auto-refl exing skills. To increase professional competences it is mandatory to do a complex analysis of the video-record for the implemented study. A complex analysis is a subject of the research project of a student grant agency at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.
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    Dziedzictwo kulturowe a miejsce i czas
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Petrykowski, Piotr
    If the development of cultural identity is seen as one of the signifi cant features of contemporary education, the process is conditioned on the sense of being rooted in culture. This sense is crucially linked to cultural heritage. Key for these refl ections is the aspect of an identifi cation with a place as a function of time. Three fundamental issues converge here. One is the differences in the experience of time arising from age. Another considers the time necessary for being rooted and at the same time the question of experience intensity. Belonging to a place is an experience different from possessing and cherishing a sense of place. Finally, the third issue in the analysis of the place as a function of time relates to the intensity of changes and a return to, or a yearning for the past. The intensity of changes and the possibility of instantaneous movement in space, all these processes and patterns prevent the human being nowadays from taking root; his or her experience and sense of place is superfi cial. The time-consuming process of developing a sense of belonging, of being rooted, is in principle a process that leads to an emergence of a subconscious state which denotes a certain level of identifi cation with a given area. The human being nowadays has too little time for this process, though. This is also linked to the signifi cance of the transmission of cultural heritage, which is not given and is not identical to the legacy of blood.
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    Rekonstrukcje szczęścia w społeczeństwie neoliberalnym: Prozak jako sposób na życie
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Melosik, Zbyszko
    The article is aimed at analysing the social role of Prozac in contemporary society, especially among Americans. Various contexts of this problem are considered against the background of the psychopharmacological happiness concept as well as of different neo-liberal anxieties. Also, some moral and social issues of Prozac use are taken into account.
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    Szkoły koczownicze dla mniejszości tubylczych w północnych obszarach Rosji. Rys historyczny i współczesne problemy
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Gmerek, Tomasz
    The article deals with the issue of the relation between education and the processes of development of ethnic identity in Northern Russia. Special emphasis was placed on reconstructing educational practices and the educational policy toward indigenous minorities within nomadic schools. An attempt was made at examining the relationship between socialization, schooling, and ethnic identity in northern areas of Russia.
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    Beyond Peer Cyberbullying – Involvement of Polish Adolescents in Different Kinds of Electronic Aggression
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Pyżalski, Jacek
    Cyberbullying is often defi ned as aggression conducted through mobile phones and the Internet. This phenomenon is predominantly understood as a kind of peer aggression, when both the perpetrator(s) and the victim belong to the same group (class or online community). However, the Internet extends and facilitates harassment not only of peers. The paper focuses on different kinds of electronic aggression identifi ed through qualitative research (interview, e-mail interviews and focus groups with students and teachers). The results have shown that except cyberbullying one can indicate fi ve further types of electronic aggression. They are: aggression against celebrities (e.g. actors, singers, etc.), aggression against the vulnerable (e.g. alcoholics, etc.), aggression against school staff, aggression against groups/ideas (when the victim is not a particular, identifi able person) and free-fl oating (random) aggression (often when the victim is totally anonymous to the perpetrator). This typology has been positively verifi ed in a survey on a representative sample of Polish adolescents (N = 2143). The paper presents the typology with the examples from the qualitative stage of research, also discussing potential socialization risks for each kind of electronic aggression. It shows also (on the basis of quantitative research) the prevalence of perpetration and victimization of different kinds of electronic aggression as well as their co-occurrence. It demonstrates the factors that infl uence such involvement. It must be stated that although peer aggression cyberbullying seems to be predominant, other kinds of electronic aggression have also been frequently conducted by the respondents. For example, a signifi cant percentage of perpetrators attacked through new media the following groups of victims: random Internet users (30.3%), groups of people (19.7%), celebrities (13.9%), and vulnerable victims (13.3%). The conclusions underline the need to extend prevention educational tools to different kinds of electronic aggression, not restricting them to cyberbullying understood as an extension of traditional bullying.
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    O potrzebie refl eksji nad kondycją polskiej szkoły – w efekcie lektury publikacji Bogusława Śliwerskiego: „Szkoła na wirażu zmian politycznych. Bez cenzury”
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2013) Chrzanowska, Iwona
    School on the Bend of Political Changes. Without Censorship, Bogusław Śliwerski’s most recent book triggered refl ection about the status of the Polish school. There are a few questions which need to be answered, for example: Is the school an important subject of discussion? Who and why wants to talk about the Polish school? This text does not provide answers to these questions but is supposed to induce refl ection.
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