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    Znaczenie praktyk pedagogicznych dla zmian w obszarze kluczowych kompetencji nauczyciela edukacji przedszkolnej i wczesnoszkolnej
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Sikorska, Joanna; Schmidt, Anna
    The future teacher, wanting to understand the child’s needs, his pursuit of self-realization and autonomy must build himself not only on theoretical knowledge, but also learn how to use this knowledge in educational practicum. In this context, preparing student teachers “through practicum for practicum” seems to be an extremely important element of their education, because only in this way will they be able to stimulate their own development, mature professionally, but also answer the question to what extent “being a teacher” is their true calling. Student teachers, especially those who have practicum in grades 1-3 of elementary school, pay more attention to the gradual departure in many institutions from the implementation of the concept of integrated education. The information obtained by them indicates that the “modifications”of the model of this education are largely caused by anxiety caused by low results achieved by children in tests aimed at checking the effectiveness of education. Undoubtedly, this is a cause for serious concern and remedial action, however, according to our research, many students are concerned that during lectures or even laboratories, run by some specialists realizing specificsubjects, they are only passive observers and have no opportunity to learn how to, in school conditions, complementarily combine tasks from many educational areas, in accordance with the assumptions of integral education. Thus, there is a significantdiscrepancy between the tasks carried out as part of classes at the university and pedagogical practicum.The authors of the article focus on both theoretical aspects of the issues raised and the results of their own research.
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    Zjawisko przeedukowania i inflacji dyplomu akademickiego – na przykładzie społeczeństwa amerykańskiego
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Sobczak, Anna
    Democratization and massificationof higher education has resulted in the appearance of a disadvantageous phenomenon known as the overeducation of society. The term refers to a situation in which there is a surplus of people with higher education in relation to the needs of the society and the labor market. This has led to academic diploma inflation,which does not have such a high value as it used to and currently does not guarantee professional success and high social status. The aim of the article is to present selected aspects of this problem in American society. In this study, the definitionsof the eponymous phenomenon are presented as well as statistical data and the main trends regarding the overeducation of the society in the United States.
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    Językoznawczy kontekst badań edukacyjnych
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Wiśniewska-Kin, Monika
    The article is going to show how the approach to the educational role of language has changed. The emergence of new thinking about language is directly associated with the tendency to shift from objectivity to subjectivity. To make the reconstruction of this change, I will discuss the selected elements of the structuralist theory of language and compile them with elements of the cognitive theory of language; for instance, classic categorization methods vs. natural categorization, taxonomic definingvs. cognitive defining.The proposed comparative analyzes open up space to thinking about the measures that can be taken in order to create conditions conducive to revealing the real development potential of a child in the process of education.
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    Komunikacja międzykulturowa jako pomost ku integracji społecznej w środowisku wielokulturowym
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Bogucka, Katarzyna
    The article focuses on intercultural communication, which creates a passage from a multicultural environment towards social integration and intercultural relations. The author introduces the topic by short characteristics of changes in the modern world, determined by social mobility and multiculturalism. The article presents then some chosen aspects of social integration of migrants seen as bilateral process which requires the development of intercultural competences of both migrants’ and the receiving community. The author further describes intercultural communication and stresses its importance for education and social development. Finally, some factors conditioning the acquisition of intercultural competence with reference to Gordon Allport’s contact hypothesis and informational influences are presented along with highlighting the importance of empathy.
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    Socjalizacja polityczna w przebiegu życia – perspektywa kontynuacji i zmiany
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Hildebrandt-Wypych, Dobrochna
    The following text presents various alternative theoretical approaches in political socialization research. Some of the theoretical insights provided by the functional, systemic and interpretative perspectives are identifiedin order to depict the discussion around the continuity and change within the political socialization research. Whereas in the firstperiod of political socialization research the aim was to explain the continuity in the development of political orientations, it was later forced to account for modificationand the potential for change (especially when addressing the interpretative issues of identity politics). After describing the field’stheoretical shifts, the life-course model of political socialization is presented. The life-course model attempts to deal with the problem of continuity and change in the political socialization process, pointing to its remarkable complexity and lifelong flexibility.It offers a systematic, interdisciplinary and holistic way of conceptualizing political socialization. It points to the importance of political socialization research in demonstrating interdependence between objective functions of the political system and subjective political learning of a reflexive individual
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    Wiedza z zakresu zagadnień prawnych w pracy pracownika socjalnego
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Rajewska De Mezer, Joanna
    This article raises the problem of the need to equip a social worker with knowledge concerning legal issues useful in assistance activities. Professional knowledge of selected legal problems is necessary in the face of still emerging new situations that create dysfunction for collective life and cause inability in overcoming difficultiesby using their own capabilities, competences and resources. Work aimed at supporting and activating a social welfare beneficiaryrequire from a social worker a wide interdisciplinary knowledge, including familiarity with various fieldsof law. Knowledge in the fieldof substantive (social law, family law) and procedural law used during work with a beneficiaryal-lows a social worker to conduct the assistance process more effectively. The law-realted problems faced by the social worker who performs statutory tasks are connected to the extent of the regulated problems, constant changeability of legal regulations, their interpretative ambiguity, the necessity of using judicial decisions. It requires appropriate, methodical and purposeful action in the process of educating social workers, which influences theexpected efficiency of theirwork and a sense of safety from a formal point of view.
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    Istota dylematu tożsamościowego zaufanie vs ryzyko we współczesnej rzeczywistości społeczno-kulturowej
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Peret-Drążewska, Paulina
    The aim of this article is the theoretical analysis of the situation of an individual existing in contemporary socio-cultural reality in the context of identity dilemmas, trust and risk. Considerations have been made about the nature of such categories as trust, risk, anxiety, and a sense of ontological security. This is not without significancefor the quality of the condition of modern man, which also implies the need for the reconsideration of and pedagogical activities in the fieldof education and socialization of individuals participating in contemporary socio-cultural reality.
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    Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline (VIPP-SD) w pracy terapeutycznej z rodzicami dzieci z grupy ryzyka rozwojowego
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Kopeć, Danuta; Kubiak, Hanna
    Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline (VIPP-SD) is a therapeutic intervention based on video-feedback which aims to support positive parenting and sensitive parental discipline. It is a part of evidence-based therapeutic interventions, which means that the effectiveness of the training has been confirmedin rigorously planned and carried out studies of both the general population and various clinical groups. The theoretical framework for VIPP-SD is attachment theory and coercion theory. The basic principle of intervention is referring to family resources in the therapeutic work, primarily in situations in which the correct course of a child’s development can be disturbed by both biological and environmental factors. The article presents the aspects of the application of VIPP-SD in the following clinical groups: families with children at risk of improper development, families in which the functioning of parents creates the development risk for children, and the family environment as a risk factor for children’s development.
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    Dziecko z mukopolisacharydozą w przedszkolu – perspektywa terapeutów
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Kamyk-Wawryszuk, Agnieszka
    Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) is a rare and progressive disorder. It gradually causes the disappearance of the child’s learned skills. There are few scientificpapers concerning the rules of conduct with a child of preschool age with MPS, and therefore therapists’ work often comes down to searching for adequate methods of therapy in order to preserve the skills acquired by the pre-schooler as long as possible. The main research question was: “How does the treatment of a child with mucopolysaccharidosis at an Inclusive Preschool look like from the perspective of therapists?” Four therapists working with two boys suffering from MPS were surveyed in the study.
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    W poszukiwaniu eklektycznego paradygmatu edukacji głuchych
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Tomaszewski, Piotr; Moroń, Ewelina
    In recent years, changes in the approach to deafness and, hence, in the education of the deaf and hard of hearing have been occurring around the world, including Poland. Deafness is increasingly perceived as a sociocultural phenomenon and not merely as a medical one, while sign language is seen as a natural language that can be used in deaf schools and by large numbers of d/Deaf people. Nevertheless, it seems at present that both deafness models are incompatible with each other for ideological reasons although they are concurrent, the medical model being dominant and the sociocultural one being alternative. For that reason, both the d/Deaf community and the deaf education still contend with significan problems related to the language policy, discrimination based on deafness (audism), sign language (linguicism), disability (ableism) or the specificityof conflictsamong the d/Deaf themselves (deafism).All this will be illustrated in this paper, along with suggested possible solutions.
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    Stosowanie mediów cyfrowych w edukacji wyższej – konfrontacja opinii nauczycieli akademickich i studentów
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Klimas, Patrycja
    Recommendations made by policy makers, increasing competitive pressure and growing popularity of digital media among participants of teaching processes contribute to their increasingly extensive use at Polish universities. The fact that the teaching processes has entered the new, digital dimension reveals the need for information concerning the relevance of use of electronic media, especially from the perspective of achieving learning outcomes. Given the above, the purpose of this paper is to present results of research on opinions of both students and academics on the need and significanceof the application of digital media in the learning processes.For the purposes of the article, a quantitative research was conducted among 86 students and 66 teachers from University of Economics in Katowice. The data was collected in April 2015 using an online surveying technique and analyzed using statistical description.In the light of our results, the application of electronic media seems to not only be imposed by macro- and micro-environmental conditions, but also to be expected by the main participants of educational processes taking place at university level. The results show that both groups of respondents consider the use of digital media at least as advisable for the achievement of learning outcomes (71.8% of responses covered labels: advisable, recommended or required). However, the level of necessity is slightly higher when digital tools are used by students (80.7%) than by teachers (70.3%). In general, multimedia presentations have been identifiedas the most required form of digital media application in teaching at the university
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    WebQuest as the Answer for Altering Learning/Educational Needs Using the Example of LSP
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Kic-Drgas, Joanna
    The paper aims to present the possibilities WebQuest gives in the educational context for recognising and catering to individual learners’ needs. The focus of the article is on altering the learning conditions contributing to the deepening diversity of learners’ needs. The use of the example of WebQuest as a teaching tool in LSP (Language for SpecificPurposes) class for monitoring needs, together with a highly personalised teaching process, is analysed. The presented application of WebQuest fillsin the gap in the individualisation of the teaching process.
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    Przyszli nauczyciele wobec hipotetycznych epizodów przemocy rówieśniczej wśród uczniów
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Tłuściak-Deliowska, Aleksandra
    Substantive preparation but also the beliefs and attitudes of prospective professionals to important social issues are essential for their later work in the education sector. One such important social and educational problems is peer violence at school. The article presents the results of a study aimed at understanding the attitudes of students of Pedagogy (teaching specialization, N = 267) toward bullying in schools, its different types and ways of coping with it. The episodes (vignette) method was used in the study. Based on the data obtained, it can be stated that in preparing prospective teachers, particular attention must be paid to relational (hidden) violence and verbal violence. Further findingsand implications are formulated in the text.
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    Trudności w uczeniu się – model diagnozowania dysleksji rozwojowej
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2018) Szkolak-Stępień, Anna
    The article by Anna Szkolak-Stępień concerns specificdifficultiesin learning reading and writing. The choice of the topic results from the changes in the Polish educational reality at the time of social, political and cultural transformation. The article presents the complexity of the educational environment of the modern child and the functioning of Polish schools in the reform period. Modern times impose on the teacher increasingly complex tasks, requiring new professional competences, which will include new types of teaching methods, methodological considerations and a new quality of professional performance.
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