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    The Theoretical Approach to Awareness as an Interdisciplinary Category – A few Reflection
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Ayzik, Elanit
    The article presents different definitionsfrom different disciplines for the concept of “Awareness” and the central role of science in shaping the way teachers think and change their perceptions. In a period of the lack of stability, diversity, and heterogeneity in academic, cultural, and socioeconomic terms, teaching and education become a complicated and demanding tasks for the teacher. The teacher who meets the complex educational challenges findsit difficultto adjust to accelerated and endless social, scientific,and technological changes and to change the perception of his role from a source of knowledge to a transfer of knowledge. Most teachers of our time were not trained to be conscious of the influencesof globalization on the lives of the students and communities, differences, equality, and globalization that characterize society as a whole and are required of the teachers in society of our time. The author definesthe teachers’ consciousness as an Interdisciplinary Category. The increase of the teachers’ awareness of the processes of thinking and doing, as a result of the internal and external events around them, may help teachers map their abilities, needs, and expectations, understand the factors of their behavior, plan their course for the future, and definefor themselves goals commensurate with the requirements. The awareness grants the teachers an opportunity to take responsibility over the knowledge and thus may change the school experience.
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    A Professional Learning Community as a Factor of the Professional Development of Teachers
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Magrafta, Galit
    The article presents the importance of the professional learning community in the school framework. It discusses the creation of a learning community, its characteristics, advantages, and the challenges in the leadership and establishment of a professional learning community. In addition, the article presents the importance of the introduction of a learning community into educational frameworks and provides a solution to the resources that pertain to the time or systemic flexibility.This article highlights the importance of collaborations, peer learning, and a productive discourse among teacher colleagues.
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    Nauczyciel w kontekście przemian w systemie kształcenia: stan obecny i oczekiwane kierunki zmian
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Szott, Michał
    Contemporary pedeutology constantly strives to determine the direction of the necessary changes in the educational system as regards the proper preparation of teachers to work in this profession. This is a department of pedagogy dealing with issues related to the teacher teacher. The most important research subjects in the fieldof pedeutologists’ interests are the personality of the teacher, the selection of suitable candidates for the job as a teacher, the training and improvement of the teaching staff. Previously, these problems were mainly dealt with in pedagogical, psychological and sociological approaches.Literature of the subject presents the personality of the student and the teacher as the essential com-ponents of the educational process. Newly published works on pedagogical themes, highlighting the increasing importance of teaching function in the education system, are emerging. Its role seems to be of particular importance when working with a child with special educational needs.From a historical point of view, the teacher’s function has changed a lot over the course of evolution. This indicates that with the passage of time waiting for teachers gradually increased. Contemporary educators are a very broad professional group, having their own way of preparing for the profession, and its interests are watched out by trade unions. The demands placed on the teacher today are very high, since he is mainly expected to shape the pupil’s personality (the process of education), not just the transfer of knowledge (the teaching process). Increasingly, the role of the school, which aims to be both an educator and an educator, imposes new tasks and responsibilities on the teacher. This makes us more and more often meet in pedagogy with the term „teacher-educator”, which refers to both aforementioned functions. We can also include other teacher functions such as tutor, leader, animator, organizer, didactic-educational process researcher, expert, therapist.It can be observed that a new structure of the personality of the educator is slowly emerging. This is due in part to the nature of man, his subjectivity in relation to the environment in which he lives. It is a unit that is constantly being created and created. Similarly, the profession of the teacher requires him to constantly adapt to changes in the education system and modern education. He should represent the personality in this matter effectively, and his morals and personal culture should contribute to the success of working with his charges. Such a structure of teacher personality consists of elements such as: worldview, interests, motives, temperament, abilities, intelligence, appropriate character, striving for self-improvement (self-mastery), self-conscience.
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    Rola nauczyciela edukacji wczesnoszkolnej w kształtowaniu (się) przyrodniczej wiedzy naukowej dziecka
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Banaszak, Marek
    The text is about the competences of an early education teacher in developing the student’s natural science knowledge. Selected typologies of the teacher’s competences and a constructivist approach towards the student’s knowledge are presented. Moreover, the text shows that experience is a particularly effective method of improving the child’s skills and knowledge related to nature at an early education level.
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    Seniorzy na terenach wiejskich – możliwości i ograniczenia rozwoju
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Sienkiewicz-Wilowska, Julia Anastazja
    Late adulthood is a time when the elderly living in rural areas are especially at risk of exclusion. Very often they have difficultiesaccessing aid institutions and activities which are designed specificallyfor them. Often their functioning depends on good relations with neighbors and the family. Opportunities to increase their social participation and use of their resources include the activities of organizations such as the Rural Housewives’ Circle, or entrusting them with the function of local community leaders.
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    Child from Single Parent Family in Preschool Environment – a Theoretical Outline and Practical Tips
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Schmidt, Anna
    Nowadays, the subject of a family is often mentioned and researched. It’s needs, transformations, crisis, roles and functioning are widely discussed. It is indeed a very complex issue. The article present the theoretical background and mention diverse sources concerning issues such as: single families, preschool environment, child development, single parenting – definitionsand models, pre-school environment, child development, challenges and support for a child from single parent family in a kindergarten. The great role of teacher-educator and other specialists, but also working with institutions in the process of supporting the family. In the text the organization of comprehensive assistance for the child was also highlighted. In conclusion, the author referred to the results of her mini-resources and pointed to the need to support the child in the area of emotional and social functioning, which in case of children from single parent family is particularly vulnerable and shaky.
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    Pojmowanie emocji i znaczenie działań muzycznych w ich rozwijaniu u dziecka w młodszym wieku szkolnym
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Kłysz-Sokalska, Natalia
    Emotional education in Poland is superficial,accidental and at times intuitive. Lack of emotional education classes and the governments’ low support of teachers have a negative effect on the treatment of emotional education as important in the development of a child in an early school age. Teachers, by trial and error, try to solve problems on the basis of their effect rather than cause, which often lies in the student’s emotions. Separating emotions from “rational” thinking is a pedagogical mistake. An adult’s awareness of the cognitive nature of emotion can affect not only the leveling up of emotional disorders, but also has impact on the child’s overall cognitive development. By using the most natural activities of music and movement, the student develops his emotionality with the verbalization of emotional experience. Awareness of the emotions experiences as well as their correct naming is the key to the success of emotional education for students.
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    Deficyty gotowości szkolnej przedszkolaka – można im łatwo zapobiec. Od zintegrowanej diagnozy do skutecznego wspierania rozwoju dziecka
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Suchodolska, Jolanta
    The levels of skills, abilities and adaptability achieved by a child within a kindergarten community becomes a natural entry pass to participate in a wider peer community which is formed by children taking up the challenge of school education. The differences between children starting school education are visible in the fieldof broadly construed self-reliance (spatial, manual, self-service, task-based) and in numerous abilities to react, communicate and learn, gained and improved within the first6 years of life. They can result from the multiple factors connected with the child’s diversifiedpotential, the degree to which the child’s social and educational needs are taken care of. Furthermore, there are exogenous factors involved which affect the pace and character of the development process in an unusually individualized way, which in turn heavily depends on the specificsituation and the upbrin-ging methods applied. All of the above result in a situation where the differences in an individual’s readiness for school become a crucial parametric indicator which, when disregarded, can expose the child to failures during his attempts to adapt to a new environment until optimal conditions are created to enable the child to achieve success.This study provides the proposals to be used while trying to provide support for the child’s individual development and aims at protecting the child from failures at the beginning of school education or eliminating the risk of exclusion connected with the existing failures.
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    Makdonaldyzacja polskiego systemu edukacyjnego
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Welskop, Wojciech
    McDonaldization is present in many areas of social life and its various attributes like efficiency,calculability, predictability, and control determine the rhythm of human activity in society. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the educational system in Poland from the perspective of the McDonaldization phenomenon, thereby drawing attention to the role of the consumer culture in the fieldof education and to show the progress of the globalization process and its side effects in this field.
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    Znaczenie pracy zawodowej dla osób po 60. roku życia
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Pikuła, Norbert G.
    The paper presents the results of research related to the importance of occupational work for retired people. Secondary data analysis was used. The results of the study were presented in two perspectives: the importance of work during the working life and after retirement age and retirement.
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    Rozumienie narracyjne w perspektywie interakcjonizmu interpretatywnego, poznania hermeneutycznego i refleksji fenomenologicznej
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Krawczyk-Bocian, Amelia
    The conceptual category of the reasoning narrative is the starting point for the considerations presented. Looking at the concept through the prism of interpretative interactionism and the phenomenological and hermeneutic approach helps to discover the meaning and significanceof each of the perspectives for the discovery of wealth of understanding of everything that the human person is involved in and of the world he resides in, creates and converts to his own needs. The considerations in the text stress the importance of human reflection,ability to retrace feelings in the individual biography and of being able to interpret one’s own experiences. Presenting these considerations in the biographic-narrative orientation reveals the essence of understanding of the issues discussed in the article from the perspective of the experiencing subject.
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    „Skazani na samotność?” O konsekwencjach izolacji społecznej w wybranych jej kontekstach
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Skibińska, Bożena
    Today, disturbingly often, it is possible to witnesses the effects of stigma and exclusion not only of the individual, but of whole groups of people, the result of reinforced, persistent stereotypes and prejudices about the subjects mentioned. They cause wrong social attitudes, expressed by the deprivation of the isolated persons of their rights to create and nurture relationships based on closeness and love, and often doom these people to a life of total seclusion. This article is an attempt to show the far-reaching consequences of depriving persons with intellectual disabilities and denying the right of self-expression. It is also a critical reflectionon the irregularities experienced by people, towards whom it is introduced, in terms of institutional isolation. At the same time, by presenting the results of personal research and conclusions, attention is being drawn to the fact that in our society there is an emerging hope for positive changes in the daily treatment of the socially isolated individuals. Yet, there is a constant need for a continuous reinforcement of the public awareness of the fact that the reintegration of these excluded individuals in the community benefits both the parties involvedTaking up the theme of stigma and social exclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities and convicts is considered important and relevant, as this is an issue which remains topical and gives rise to multiple moral dilemmas.
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    Ograniczone przestrzenie i próby ich poszerzania u uczniów o specjalnych potrzebach edukacyjnych. Włączanie w aktywność społeczną nieletnich przejawiających problemy adaptacyjne
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2017) Dąbrowska, Anna; Marek-Banach, Joanna
    The problem of the educational needs of students in educational and rehabilitation institutions and the relationship between social maladjustment and school failures is an important theoretical and practical issue. For a long time, the Polish system of education of children and youth has been subjected to criticism. It has been claimed that the curriculum is intended for talented individuals, who usually receive additional support, for example in the form of participation in extracurricular activities or support offered directly from their parents. The maladjusted students in educational and rehabilitation institutions are far worse off. Their school failures, learning difficulties,as well as behavior at variance with acceptable social norms, lack of parents’ interest, upbringing in pathological or dysfunctional family or even conflictwith the law are the accumulation of specificfactors and needs to be met. The professional way of working with this type of youth therefore requires comprehensive studies, which on the one hand offset educational deficitsand on the other hand focus on rehabilitation interactions. The anticipated effect of this kind of holistic approach is the active social participation of a juvenile following a change in behavior (refraining from deviant behavior) and an explicit willingness to develop a specific competence aiming at life stabilization
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