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    On branching onsets in Norwegian
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Czarnecki, Przemysław
    Syllable margins and the phonotactic peculiarities of word-edges have always drawn attention of researches working within different theoretical approaches. In the following paper some Norwegian consonantal clusters will be examined, with special reference to the left-margin of the words. Our attention will be focused on establishing the set of possible branching onsets in Norwegian, both word-initially and in the word-internal position.
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    Reflective practitioners: expectations vs facts
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Witkowska, Magdalena
    Over the years of working at school teachers gain experience that is necessary for their professional development. The teaching experience may appear of little value if teachers do not reflect upon it. Reflection is the key to success in teaching. The article presents the results of a questionnaire conducted with foreign language teachers from Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland schools who were asked about their reflection. Many teachers (95%) reported that they reflected on their teaching and even made notes (50%). The research outcomes provide interesting facts about teachers’ reflections.
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    Teaching and learning foreign languages for special purposes at technical universities
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Gajewska-Skrzypczak, Iwona
    The main aim of my work is to explore the options and problems connected with teaching and learning ESP at technical universities. I tried to answer questions concerning the right choice of methods enabling students to develop their language skills effectively with an emphasis on professional language competence.
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    Sprachliche Fehler und deren Auffassung im Wandel der Geschichte des Fremdsprachenunterrichts
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) PAWŁOWSKA, AGNIESZKA
    The article focuses on the problem of language errors that – more often than not – still tends to be regarded as a marginal phenomenon which does not deserve any particular attention. An attempt is made at analyzing the concept of a language error and tracking the approach to it adopted in selected language teaching methods, arriving finally at the language error theory in modern language teaching.
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    Formelhaft oder nicht? Die wichtigsten Merkmale der formelhaften Sequenzen
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Małgorzata, Czarnecka
    Formulaic sequences constitute a large protection of any discourse and, furthermore, they exist in so many forms that it is difficult to develop an adequate definition of this phenomenon. The term formulaic sequences encompasses verious types of world strings which appear to be stored and retrieved as holistic units from the memory. This article outlines some improtant aspects of formulaic sequences; it also shows the variety of definitions which appear in the research literature, and tries to find some specific criteria by means of which formulaic sequences could be identified in a discourse or a text.
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    Einige Probleme zum Schreiben in der Fremdsprachendidaktik
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) KRZEMIŃSKA, KATARZYNA
    The aim of this article is to stress the role and history of the writing skills in foreign languages teaching. The article attempts to present the definition of a skill in writing and to describe the process of writing in teaching a foreign language. Its main purpose is to show the process of text production as a way of communication between partners when they use the same codes.
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    Englisch als Interferenzquelle bei der Aneignung der Wortstellung des Deutschen
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) HINC, JOLANTA
    The paper deals with the issue of the interaction of languages in a multilingual person. First, it is related to an error analysis of the word order in German which investigates the influence of English as the first foreign language with the bounded word order on German as the second foreign language with the relative bounded word order in the group of Polish high school students. Afterwards, the basic structures of German, English and Polish word order are compared to show the topological relationship between the languages.
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    Einige Bemerkungen zur Rolle von Hypertexten im glottodidaktischen Prozess
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) SZERSZEŃ, PAWEŁ
    In the contemporary foreign language didactics hypertexts play an increasingly important role, which is reflected in the glottodidactic discourse. The aim of the article is a juxtaposition of the elements which facilitate or limit reception of hypertexts in the glottodidactic process. Accordingly, the main problems which appear during student’s work with hypertexts are listed, and solutions to some of them are also suggested. Moreover, the arguments presented are in favour of the application of hypertexts in the glottodidactic process.
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    Autonomy in teaching and learning English at the advanced level – between theory and practice
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Aleksandrzak, Magdalena
    The present article concentrates on the concept of learner autonomy as an increasingly popular trend in language learning and teaching. The paper discusses the importance of language awareness training, the new roles of the teacher and presents the forms of evaluation typical of autonomous learning environments. It also suggests some solutions for the classroom practice which seem most effective in promoting learner autonomy at the advanced level of language proficiency and briefly examines the research findings in the field.
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    Neue Ansätze in der DaF-Methodik und ihre Konsequenzen für die Lehrwerkgestaltung
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Ciepielewska-Kaczmarek, Luiza
    The following factors have contributed to arising new target groups in teaching foreign languages: the European Union’s claim concerning the multilingualism of its members, migrations, common mobility. As a consequence of this situation new handbooks for teaching and learning foreign languages have appeared on the market. Thus, the teacher is often confronted with the necessity of choosing the handbook, which is most adequate for the needs of a particular group of learners. The present article aims at defining the criteria of handbook selection in the light of the latest trends in foreign language teaching methodology.
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    Eine harte Nuss zu knacken«. Phraseologismen im Unterricht Deutsch als Fremdsprache
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) ZENDEROWSKA-KORPUS, GRAŻYNA
    IN the present article I paid attention to teaching idioms in German as a second language. Is the knowledge of idioms possible to master? How many idioms does a student of foreign language need? How should we teach them? How can an idiomatic optimum be achieved? The article starts with a definition of phraseology and idiomatic competence. Then it presents my experience with teaching and knowledge of idioms by students.
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    Der frühe Fremdsprachenunterricht – je früher desto besser?
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Sopata, Aldona
    The article aims to summarize investigations which shed some light on the mechanisms of early second language acquisition and to draw from them pedagogical implications. Developing an optimal outline for foreign language teaching in early childhood should involve factors which make possible the use of inductive mechanisms of language acquisition by children.
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    Fachlichkeit, Fachsprachlichkeit und Fachsprachendidaktik
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) SCHWENK, HANS-JÖRG
    The present paper deals with languages for special purposes with special attention paid to teaching problems. It could be shown that there is a difference between special languages on the one hand and specialist languages on the other hand, that only the latter deserve to be named “languages”, whereas the former contain elements which do not constitute a language of its own, i.e. a language within a language, but have to be considered as being part of the common language. The author points out that a new teaching strategy that takes into account the fact that special words do not automatically belong to a special language may well be warranted.
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    Bi-/multilingualism and the perceptions of the gender of objects
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Chłopek, Zofia
    The newest research confirms the ‘weak’ version of the linguistic relativity hypothesis, according to which the language we speak influences to some extent the way we think. At the same time, it has been shown that the conceptual representations of reality which have been shaped by the mother tongue from birth play a significant role while using an L2 (L3 etc.), especially when it is weaker than the L1. The present article describes one such conceptual domain – the (non-linguistic) categorization of objects according to their perceived gender, which is influenced by the grammatical gender of their names.
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    Linguistische und psychodidaktische Grundlagen des Fremdsprachenlernens im Seniorenalter
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Kic-Drgas, Joanna
    The article is an introduction to the discussion about the linguistic and psychodidactic concepts justifying the thesis that the senior language learners are able to learn foreign languages and that they can achieve educational success in the process of foreign language learning.
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    Muttersprachliche Kompetenzen von SchülerInnen mit Migrationshintergrund – eine vernachlässigte Ressource an deutschen Schulen
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Bär, Christine
    The article deals with the influence which have the competences in mother tongue on the second language acquisition. Furthermore it is about the possibilities to apply these competences to German as a second language by young immigrants at school. Along with the theoretical expositions the author shows some implications for scholar instruction by using the mother tongue as a resource to acquire a second language.
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    Interkulturelle Kompetenz im Fremdsprachenunterricht Deutsch nach Englisch Eine Pilotuntersuchung der Klassen 4–6 im Raum Poznań
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Zuzok, Nadja
    The following essay is about teaching German after English and the intercultural traces that can be found in German teaching and learning after having been learned English. The current polish situation makes this topic relevant, as German is taught as second foreign language. The present study wants to investigate which influence this learning German after English has when speaking of intercultural competence.
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    Deutsch-türkische Freundschaft: über die Notwendigkeit des Einbindens der Migrantenliteratur in das Interkulturelle Lernen
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) UTRI, REINHOLD
    Every culture contains foreign elements, e.g. music. However, the strangeness of another culture can also find rejection of people towards it (examples in the latest history). In Germany the Turks were invited by an international contract to do the “dirty” work, but were exploited by the German employees. This was discovered by the work of Walraff. The multiculturalism is a fact that nobody can deny anymore. That is the reason why certain topics concerning immigrants and foreign cultures should appear in schools, especially in teaching literature. The literature of or about immigrants, especially the Turks, and its possibly fertile effects for intercultural understanding are discussed in the article.
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    Linearisierungsmöglichkeiten und Kasuszuweisung in deverbalen Nominalphrasen. Ein deutsch-polnischer Vergleich
    (Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, 2010) Aptacy, Jarosław
    In the following paper German and Polish deverbal noun phrases will be examined in respect to the linearization of their constituents. The point of departure will be the adjacency condition which is obligatory in the Genitive DPs in German, but optional in Polish. In other words, Polish displays more linearization possibilities than German. In addition to adjacency which is conditioned by grammar also communicative factors and text grammar condition the linearization of DPs. Constituents with a higher comment value tend to appear as far to the right of the deverbal noun as possible, while topic constituents stand closer to the noun.
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    Auf dem Weg zu einem Modell der Translationsdidaktik
    (2010) Małgorzewicz, Anna
    The aim of the following article is an attempt to define the translator's competence and their role in the system of both communication and teaching transaltion. The metacognitive competence of a translator and the fundamental cognitive process talking place in their mental sysatem have been thoroughly analysed.
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